17 Never-Before-Seen Photos From National Geographic

Through its long and illustrious history, National Geographic has become famous for the photos showcased between the covers of each edition. The magazine features photos from all corners of the globe and the search for the perfect pictures to print has been an ongoing concern since 1910. This enduring search means many award-winning photos have been found, but many more have been stored away in the archives, unseen by human eyes in ages. 

From this surplus of gorgeous images comes Found, a curated collection of photography from the archives of National Geographic. The effort began in 2013 to commemorate 125 years of the magazine. National Geographic hopes "to bring new life to these images and the history they represent by sharing them with audiences far and wide. Many of the images are missing their original date or location, but each represents a story, captured in time yet in many ways timeless."

1. Irish Guards in London, England - June 1996

Proving just what it means to remain at attention, these guardsmen stay entirely in formation, despite the dramatically noticeable fainting spell of one of their own.

2. Posing Woman in California, USA - 1915

The story behind the image has been lost to time, but this image of a serene goddess relaxing among the flora of a gorgeous garden remains.

3. Young Girl in Toronto, Canada - August 1975

With interest in space still raging on, one lucky girl's excitement is captured as she explores a replica of a lunar module.

4. Women in Casablanca, Morocco - 1971

While it looks incredibly retro and outdated to our 21st century eyes, this boutique was described as incredibly chic and modern when this photo was taken.

5. Princess Grace Kelly in Monaco - 1962

If one person could be chosen to completely embody timelessness, the gorgeous and unforgettable Grace Kelly would be the perfect candidate.

6. Surfers in Bondi Beach, Australia - 1963

There are almost more surfers than waves at this stretch of sea just off the coast of Australia!


7. Overshadowed Man in Maui, Hawaii - 1924

This average-sized man is almost impossible to pick out standing under the towering greenery of the ape-leaves found in Puohokamoa Gulch.

8. Beach-goers in Acapulco, Mexico - 1964

This shot looks shady, but it's only due to the palm trees right in front of the camera. Beyond the fronds, visitors to Acapulco frolic in the water and soak up the sun.

9. A Man and His Pup near the South Pole - 1957

The story behind the photo is unknown, but the seriousness of the task at hand is present on this man's face as he peers into the mouth of a 10-month-old Alaskan Malamute.

10. Women in Agra, India - 1959

It's been decades since this photo was taken, but the centuries-old Taj Mahal looks exactly the same ... although the crowds of visitors are never so sparse now!

11. Schoolboys and King Penguins in London, England - 1953

The London Zoo is still home to penguins today, but the smart uniforms worn by the boys posing behind the animals hint at a bygone era.

12. Women in Dacca, Bangladesh - 1972

Friends and family support and help a young bride as she prepares for her imminent wedding.


13. Costumed Dancer in Mozambique - 1964

A young man waits in costume until time to participate in the traditional Mapiko dance. The dancer is dressed to personify evil during the dancing ritual.

14. Women and a Macaw in Brazil - 1944

They're in the midst of a city, but the garden provides a beautiful home to a red and green macaw. The women take a moment to feed him a treat.

15. Motorists and Sightseers in Trieste, Italy - 1956

Warning: this one is not for the acrophobics! While cars and mopeds simply whizz past, a few sightseers take a break to peek past the scenic road set into a cliff overlooking a bay.

16. Women's Water Ski Team in New York, USA - 1956

In perfect synchronicity, these four sportswomen lift their legs while being towed at a whopping 23 MPH across Darts Lake.

17. Shopping Woman in New York City, USA - 1964

This shopper oozes glamour as she tries on a long fur coat while being tended to by the tailors and shop assistants of one of Manhattan's many high-end department stores, Bergdorf Goodman. If you look a little closer, you can even see her Chinese pug, Miss Puffet, patiently waiting in the background.

Via: Lifebuzz | National Geographic: Found

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