17 Ways To Save Space And Get Organized With A Hanging Shoe Caddy

The humble shoe caddy is an amazing way to keep your shoes organized and out of the way, saving a lot of space. The fact that you can hang it on the inside of a door also means it's pretty much out of the way until you need it. While it's undoubtedly a brilliant storage solution for shoes, with a little imagination it can be turned into storage for a wide variety of other items. Check out the list below to see why a shoe caddy is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to maximize their space (especially those living in small spaces to begin with).

1. Hydration is awesome, but all those bottles cluttering up your kitchen is definitely not. Shoe caddy to the rescue!

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2. Bring the outdoors inside by turning a caddy into a vertical planter. Learn how here.


3. Keep your wrapping paper neatly stored away. Just cut out the bottoms of some of the upper-level pockets to fit your rolls.

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4. Stash your snacks or produce in a transparent caddy to keep track of what you have more clearly.

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5. A small closet space can be converted into a mini-office, and the hanging shoe caddy helps add a lot of extra organizational space.

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6. Craft supplies for kids tend to get disorganized pretty easily. Make cleanup quick and easy by using a caddy.

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7. With winter in full swing, you've probably got a lot of scarves hanging around with no real place to be. Keep them organized and out of the way.

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8. Caddies are also a great way to keep garden tools neatly organized.


9. Roll up kid's undergarments and store them in a caddy to make them easier to find and organize.


10. A shoe caddy can also be really useful for keeping camping supplies organized in the woods.


11. Store first-aid supplies in a shoe organizer for quick access.

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12. The same applies for cleaning supplies, since most utility closets tend to be woefully small.


13. A shoe organizer is also great to keep your painting supplies neat and tidy.

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14. Store loose cables, chargers and other odds and ends in a caddy. For extra organizational power, label the pockets since a lot of those cords look the same.


15. LEGO bricks might be one of the most commonly misplaced/lost items a kid owns, but no longer.

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16. If your bathroom is tiny and has no storage (like mine), a shoe caddy becomes an invaluable way to store various grooming necessities.


17. You can even use a shoe caddy in the car to keep your kid's toys, wipes, water, etc. all neatly organized.

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So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a shoe caddy (or several) and conquer your domain.

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