17 Ways To Use Balloons To Step Up Your Party Décor

For over 100 years, balloons have been a party staple. They come in every color and shape, making them perfectly customizable for even the most uniquely themed gathering. Unfortunately, their easy and ubiquitous application has made them seem a little old and tired. Luckily, people are forever inventing ways to transform and rejuvenate even the most simple of the same-old basics and make them fresh and cool again.

1. Keep the balloons the same, but add a little fun on the end.

Design Improvised

Grab a bunch of cheap foam balls, paint them whatever fun colors you choose and then thread them together with a needle and string. You can also use a bit of hot glue between each ball to hold them in place. Finally, attach the entire string to the balloon.

2. Light it up with LEDs.

Brit + Co

LED lights inside balloons are a great alternative to the more traditional candles or string lights.

3. Have double the ice cream at your next social.

Pretty Prudent

While the ice cream that you can eat is clearly preferably, balloons that look like ice cream are a great way to add some tasty-looking decor. Get the free printable at Pretty Prudent.

4. Stick on some stickers!

A Practical Wedding

Designer Tabitha Johnson showed readers of A Practical Wedding how they can draw the eye upwards with a tall centerpiece that won't break the bank using metallic vinyl stickers.

5. Don't just throw some confetti; save a bit for the balloons.


Colorful tissue paper can be found at the dollar store, making this balloon DIY big on style and light on cost. Thanks, I Spy DIY!


6. Have fun with fringe.

The Alison Show

Alison from her eponymous blog, The Alison Show, certainly knows how to make a statement with these fun fabric tassels attached to oversized balloons.

7. Use some tulle to add an extra-sweet touch.

Sweet Society

Pastel color balloons and soft, sweet tulle fabric make a very feminine addition to any party. It's a perfectly precious DIY from the team at the aptly named Sweet Society.

8. String them all together for effect.

Joyful Abode

Emily at Joyful Abode has come up with instructions for the easiest balloon garland ever. It's definitely simple, but it makes a big visual impact.

9. Pompoms add a pop of texture and color.

Design Improvised

Haeley from Design Improvised is back with another winner of a balloon DIY! It might seem that hot glue and balloons wouldn't work well together, but that's clearly not the truth.

10. Add flowers as an alternative to traditional arrangements.

Michele Hart Photography

Although these delicate balloons were created for a very special little girl's first birthday party, they could be used for any event you dream up.

11. If flowers around the string aren't your thing, make flowers with the balloons themselves.

All Things Simple

Kim at All Things Simple made these high-impact flower balloons with just a few balloons and some time and energy. They look great, but they're deceptively easy to make.


12. Pack your party room with some giant, sugar-free lollipops.

Francis Janisch/Parents

Take some cellophane, add in a ballon and toss it on top of a giant stick. Voilà! You've got a giant (albeit non-edible) dessert.

13. Party streamers aren't just for ceilings; add some to a balloon for extra fun.

Camille Styles

All you need is a massive balloon and a bunch of colored ribbon and you'll have a piece of décor that really stands out.

14. No time for helium? Just hang them from the ceiling!

The Pleated Poppy

When her daughter asked for a pink party, The Pleated Poppy's Lindsey knew she wanted to make the room as pink as possible. Enter a flood of color from the ceiling, thanks to bunches of upside-down balloons.

15. Add a little honeycomb for a sweet look.

A Beautiful Mess

The bloggers at A Beautiful Mess teamed up with balloon experts Balloon Time to come up with five easy DIY tricks to amp up the look of even the most plain balloons.

16. Everything's better with sparkles.

Studio DIY

Blow up your balloons, slather on the Mod Podge and slap on anything that shines. Kelly at Studio DIY suggests sequins or foil confetti.

17. Feel adventurous with a hot air balloon.

Julie’s Corner/Petal Talk

1-800-Flowers isn't necessarily in the balloon business, but these floral centerpieces make great use of them!

Via: Shareably

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