17 Years Later, These Kids Are In Another Wedding Together

Weddings are momentous occasions, full of tradition, customs and even superstitions. A popular one, for example, is that whoever catches the bride's bouquet is going to be the next to get married.

There's nothing to be said, though, about the fate of the ring bearer and flower girl.

No ages-old belief could have predicted what would happen between these then-five-year-olds Adrian and Brooke.

If anything, people would have guessed they wouldn't even become playmates.

Although Brooke developed a crush on Adrian immediately, he wasn't thrilled about escorting her down the aisle. Her outspoken and energetic personality rubbed the little introvert the wrong way, making him think of her as a brat.


They didn't have much to do with each other for years following the wedding. Luckily, a middle school trip brought them back together ... eventually forever.

This time, their personalities meshed and Adrian found himself drawn to Brooke's delightful laugh. His introverted nature still got the best of him though, as he didn't ask her out for another four years.

However, another four years after that first date, the two lovebirds finally tied the knot.

Funnily enough, they didn't even remember their first wedding together, 17 years ago, until a month before their own wedding. The bride from that wedding brought them pictures to take a fun walk down memory lane before heading down the aisle again.


The happy couple even got married at the same church where they'd been wedding party partners years ago.

They're also hoping that history might repeat itself. Brooke swears that their flower girl had a soft spot for the ring bearer ... Maybe they'll be getting an invitation for those nuptials in another 17 years!

Via: BuzzFeed | Mashable

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