18 Alternate Ways To Use Baby Oil For Health, Beauty And Household Purposes

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you're probably already familiar with baby oil. Parents will, of course, instantly recognize the stuff, but even if you don't have kids you should probably remember it - after all, we were all babies at some point. What a lot of people may not know (I certainly didn't until recently) is that baby oil actually has a lot of uses beyond just soothing baby massages.

First, it's important to realize what baby oil is. Baby oil is actually a type of mineral oil, usually perfumed with a pleasing scent. Mineral oils can refer to a wide range of colorless, odorless mixtures of alkanes formed as a by-product of refining crude oil into gasoline and other petroleum products. Although not scientifically the same, for the purpose of practical understanding you could potentially think of mineral oil as a liquid version of petroleum jelly (vaseline), as they are closely related. Mineral oil is produced in huge quantities and is usually pretty cheap to come by. 

Of all the mineral oils, baby oil is probably the most well-known. It's also scented, which certainly adds to its appeal. A lot of people use baby oil on their skin well into adulthood, but here are 18 other uses for it that you may not have thought of.

1. A thin layer of baby oil on your face can help prevent frostbite in the winter time. 


2. Instead of nasty chemical cleansers, use baby oil to remove eye makeup. 

Courtney Rhodes

3. Got paint all over you/your clothes? I got two words for ya: Baby. Oil.

Steven Leonti

4. Kids got a temporary tattoo that you'd like to make even more temporary? Baby oil will wipe it away in a flash.

Tony Alter

5. Make your skin silky smooth by adding a little baby oil to your next bath.


6. Getting gum in your hair is the worst, but applying baby oil to the affected area makes it much easier to remove. Be sure to wash your hair afterwards.

7. If you've got cracked heels, rub baby oil on them regularly to get them back to being as smooth as - yep, you guessed it - a baby's!



8. Use a small drop of baby oil and a toothpick to help loosen up tangled jewelry.

Sarah Joy

9. Ladies (and men who love to swim): avoid nicks and cuts while shaving your legs by using baby oil. As a bonus, your skin will be smooth and supple afterwards.


10. Stuck zipper? Baby oil.


11. Squeaky door? Baby oil!

David Brossard

Baby oil is like Frank's Red Hot: I put that **** on everything.

12. A little baby oil around the ends of your nails before you paint them makes cleanup much easier when you're done.

Maegan Tintari

13. Naturally, you could use baby oil to massage adults too. Why should babies have all the fun?



14. A few drops of baby oil poured into your ear canal can help soften up the ear wax. Learn more about this process here.

Travis Isaacs

15. As with many other oils, baby oil will also restore the sheen to your wooden furniture but with the added bonus of making it smell really nice too.

Juhan Sonin

16. Mix one teaspoon of baby oil with half a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice to make a homemade lip scrub suitable for daily use.

Maria Morri

17. Baby oil on the walls of your shower helps eliminate the formation of soap scum. I just scrubbed out my shower yesterday, where has this knowledge been all my life?


18. Applying a little baby oil to a band-aid helps make it easier and less painful to remove.

Patricia H.

Via: Aunty Acid

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