18 Cool Products For Kids That Are Really Designed For Adults

Having kids is a beautiful journey that is full of challenges and rewards. Being a parent can be hard, but there are clever moms and dads out there with a flair for inventiveness and design who decided to create some brilliant new products that, while technically meant for kids, are really best appreciated by busy parents. Here are a few great examples.

1. Illuminated balls

These glow-in-the-dark balls are perfect for kids who are scared of the dark. Find out more here.

2. Smart changing pad

This intelligent changing pad measures your baby's weight and height, as well as plan the baby's food schedule and daily routine. Find out more here.

3. Compact stroller

This clever stroller folds up small to fit into a backpack and weighs just under nine pounds Find out more here.

4. Cry translator

Boasting a 92% accuracy rate, the Infant Cries Translator offers four answers as to why your baby is crying - pain, hunger, tiredness, or dirty diaper. Find out more here.

5. Self-heating bottle

Using a single-use cartridge of saltwater, this bottle can heat up your kids' drinks anywhere without electricity. Find out more here.

6. Safety bracelet

Lost kids are every parent's nightmare. Thankfully, this smartphone-enabled bracelet can help you find your kids in no time should they get separated from you in a large public place. Find out more here.

7. Thermometer sticker

This sticker makes taking a child's temperature much, much easier. This sticker can be easily adhered to your baby without disturbing them, and measures temperature with great accuracy. Find out more here.


8. Smart toothbrush

Encourage better brushing habits with this smartphone-connected toothbrush that turns dental hygiene into a fun game. Find out more here.

9. Kneepads

These are a boon for infants still learning to take their first steps. Find out more here.

10. Spoon-feeding bottle

This device is a hybrid between a spoon and a bottle. It's perfect for meals on the go, and you can easily seal the lid for next time if your child doesn't eat everything. Find out more here.

11. Fun plates

If your kids are picky eaters, these fun plates are a great way to make meals more fun. Find out more here.

12. Pacifier/teether

This pacifier and teether combo can be stored in the fridge and helps stimulate all parts of the gums. Find out more here.

13. Visual/sound projector

This is a great way to help your baby fall asleep. Find out more here.

14. Clothes with built-in activity monitors

This clothing features a built-in device that monitors a child's breathing and activity so parents can check up to make sure that your baby is sleeping properly. Find out more here.


15. A fun toy container

This frog-shaped container makes scooping up toys after bath time an absolute breeze. Find out more here.

16. Fun feeding set

Here comes the airplane - literally! Find out more here.

17. Automated baby rocker

This device helps rock your baby when your arms are too tired. Just attach it to the stroller handle and go about your day. Find out more here.

18. A bed for new parents

I'm pretty sure this is just a concept for now, but how perfect is this?

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H/T: Bright Side

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