18 DIY Projects That Are Bursting With Fun And Style ... That Are Basically Foolproof

With the popularity of Pinterest and the constant barrage of DIY projects hitting the internet, it can be hard to escape the urge to craft ... even when you know your project is never going to turn out like the picture. Luckily, we have a few projects that can be done by the average human.

1. Color Coded Keys

Laurel at A Bubbly Life lays out the simple (and functional) project in a way that anyone could follow. This little craft requires little time, little effort and few supplies ... win/win/win!

2. As Good As Gold Canvas

Make one of these chic wall hangings to add some easy sophistication to your decor. Just let Craft Warehouse's Sarah Owens walk you through the steps and your friends will think you've splashed out on fancy artwork. 

3. Blanket Ladder

This one could not be easier. Find an old ladder at a garage sale, take it apart and you're halfway there. Plus, it holds blankets without taking up much space, which makes it incredibly functional.

4. Colorful Cup Lights

With about 40 minutes and $20, a room in your home could be lit up in a whole new way. This one is really fool-proof, but we do have one tip; use low-heat, low-wattage LED lights to avoid any fires.

5. T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

Do you have a T-shirt you're willing to cut up? Do you have scissors? Do you have a sewing machine (or the patience to sew by hand)? If you said yes, you can make this cool scarf.

6. Rope in a Bowl

It's a rope in a bowl. If you're thinking there's more to it than that, you're wrong. Who knew you could have a fancy nautical-inspired piece of decor so easily?


7. Transformed White Sneakers

Use The Thrifty Ginger's simple tutorial as a jumping-off point and go crazy. The best part about this DIY is it's entirely up to you how your finished product looks.

8. Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Nora of the blog Just Make Stuff wants you to "just make stuff," so she's making it as easy as possible. This fire pit looks fun, but it's deceptively simple.

9. Vintage Inspired Mason Jars

Using mason jars for everything is a trend that just won't go away and projects like this make it easy to understand the popularity. Pick any color that floats your boat and make enough jars to fill your home.

10. Dotted Sharpie Mug

The best part about this craft (aside from how easy it is!) is its practicality ... everyone needs a good mug. The design can be as simple or intricate as you like, too. Remember: these bad boys are hand wash only.

11. Watercolor Mirrors

Enhance what you see in the mirror with this pretty little DIY. If you can find a compact to put it in, it would even make a great gift.

12. Light Bulb Vase

You'll need to do a little prep work for this craft, but it's a piece of cake from there. Make sure to be very careful when emptying the old lightbulb. The folks over at Womenio have even more vase ideas, too, if you can't stop at just this one.

13. Homemade Body Butter

Cheap and easy are two words to describe this all-purpose lotion, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel luxurious. You can add your favorite scent, any additives (some sugar for exfoliation, maybe?) and even put it in a cute container. In fact, that makes them the perfect gift to for loved ones in need of an at-home spa day.


14. Scrabble Coasters

Are you a lexophile? Do you know someone who is? Lovers of words will geek out over this craft with infinite possibilities. Spell out whatever you want and see how high you can score!

15. Fire and Water

All you need are four different items to create this centerpiece. Make a couple with vases of different sizes and shapes and you'll have an aesthetically pleasing table addition with little to no effort.

16. Easy DIY Sprinkler

With the summer heat still going strong in many places, frolicking in the water sounds great. If you have a two liter bottle and a hose, you don't need to shell out on a sprinkler, either.

17. Filled and Painted Ornaments

If you're not a planner, this might not be the craft for you yet, but bookmark the page because it will come in handy in a few months. Rather than buy a bunch of store-bought ornaments with little meaning, make your own. Not only are they easy to make and beautiful, but it's a great activity to do with the family.

18. Paper Blossoms

Tissue paper is incredibly cheap, which makes it a great item to use for crafting. You can make these pretty faux-floral decorations and when you get tired of them, there's no guilt about wasting lots of money.

Via: Buzzfeed

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