18 Kitchen Sheet Cheat To Help You Cook Like A Pro

I was thinking about 2016 when I saw something that made me think. It said, “Don’t make resolutions, be resolute.” It’s really good advice. Every December 31, many of us vow to get healthy, lose weight and take better care of ourselves in the new year, but then January 2 rolls around, and wham. You’re already back to your bad habits.

The truth of the matter is, it’s impossible to make real life changes without having a plan. You can’t exercise without setting aside a committed time for it. You can’t eat healthy without having the right ingredients and recipes. And you can’t enjoy cooking without knowing your way around the kitchen.

We can’t make you stick to your goals this year, but we can help you learn to navigate the kitchen with ease. These 18 “cheat sheets” will have you cooking like a pro in no time – and hopefully feeling inspired to try new, healthy dishes!

1. Chop, slice and dice like a chef. 

Illustrated Bites

2. Serve the perfect bottle of wine every time. 

Wine Folly

3. Make delicious meals in minutes. 

Women's Health

4. Out of a vital spice blend? Make your own! 

Women's Health


5. Replace mayonnaise with avocado for a healthy (and delicious) alternative. 

Two Peas & Their Pod

6. Marinade chicken like a boss. 

Jenny Chang

7. Throw together a crock-pot lasagna in the AM and have a dinner waiting for your family after school and work. 

Around My Family Table

8. Give zucchini fries a try! You might like them better than the real thing.

The Girl Who Ate Everything

9. Know the metric and imperial conversion basics. 

Java Cupcake

10. And the same goes for measurements and temperatures. 

Java Cupcake

11. Cook your yolk just the way you like it. 

bon appetit


12. Keep carbs and cheeses fresh. 

Jenny Chang

13. Out of an important ingredient? Here’s how to substitute without compromising taste. 

eReplacement Parts

14. Experiment with baked goods to find the perfect texture. 

Handle the Heat

15. Season like a professional. 

Adventures in Spice

16.  Know the right cook time for veggies. 


17. Convert a dish to fast, slow or stove top cooking without batting an eye. 

The Crockin' Girls

18. And last, but not least – when in doubt, check out this ultimate guide. Happy cooking! 


Via: Lifebuzz

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