18 Of The Most Incredible Table Designs I've Ever Seen

It's essential, it's practical and it's likely going to take up a huge portion of the room. Then why on earth would you ever resign yourself to a boring table? While most of us have to make do with fancy tablecloths or the occasional Modge-podge, these designers really let their imaginations run wild with these tables. Here are some of the most wonderful table designs we've ever seen.

Going back to the basic split wooden log was the inspiration for this table.

John Houshmand

This one grabbed some color and design from the landscape, creating a river out of a glass insert.

Greg Klassen

This glass table shows a gorgeous amethyst inside.

Crystal Works

As do these citrine tables.

Empressive Geo Designs

Touchstone Galleries

This sparkling table creates a party whenever the sun shines.

John Foster

The hard edges of these end tables contrast with the soft, flowing branches inside.


Bleu Nature

This table gives you the feeling of looking out at a cavernous abyss.

Duffy London

This one uses a recycled jet engine as its base.


This playful dining set takes a hint from the playground swing set.

Duffy London

This bubbling table keeps the mood light.

Liana Yaroslavsky

This table brings the great outdoors indoors.

Haiko Cosnelissen

Wood and aluminum make a perfect palate for these simple tables.


Hilla Shamia

Petrified wood gives these accent tables their psychedelic charm.

Touchstone Galleries

The leaf table gets a literal makeover.


Dripping chocolate inspired these fun, whimsical end tables.

Matthew Robinson

The moon table is serene and simple, yet a powerful piece.

Liana Yaroslavsky

The ghost table is light, airy and barely there at all.


This table brings the rugged edges and serene colors of a lakeside retreat into your living room.

David Gill

Credit: Bored Panda

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