18 Tricks From Chefs That Will Simplify Your Life In The Kitchen

Ahhhh, the kitchen. I don't know about you but it's probably my favorite room in the house (that's where all the yummy stuff is). I've been cooking for quite a number of years now, and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make life simpler and/or fix the occasional mistake. 

With that in mind, here are 18 great tips that'll have you going from kitchen zero to culinary hero in no time at all.

1. Save an oversalted soup.

There are several ways to try to mitigate the salt content of a dish that's been oversalted. One way is to stick half a peeled potato into the soup. Another trick is to dip a piece of cheesecloth filled with grains into the pot and boil. The cloth/grains will absorb excess salt. You can also try dipping a spoon with a sugar cube into the pan. When the sugar melts, remove the spoon and repeat the process with a fresh cube.

2. Use leftover corn.

All you need to do to reuse leftover corn on the cob is to simply take a knife to it and cut all the grains off. Now, you can use them in salads, soups, chili... virtually anything, really!

3. Preserve flavor.

In order to maximize the flavor of your dishes, it's best to serve hot food on a warm plate and cold food on a chilled plate.

4. Easily separate eggs.

When you need to separate several egg whites from their yolks, ditch the fancy overpriced kitchen gadgets. All you need is a plastic bottle. Just squeeze gently over a yolk to "suck up" the yolk into the bottle.

5. Milk and mashed potatoes.

A common mistake people make when making mashed potatoes is to add the milk while it's still cold. This makes the potatoes gray and unappealing. For best results, use boiling milk instead.

6. Yummy ice cubes.

Here's an easy way to add some flavor to your drinks and impress your guests - with minimal effort. Just freeze your favorite fruits or herbs into the ice.


7. Frozen wine.

This is a great way to preserve leftover wine for use in other recipes down the line.

8. Use up stale bread.

There are lots of ways to use up a loaf of bread that's going stale. One of the best ways to do it is to make a delicious cheese bread! It's melty, cheesy fun for the whole family.

9. Preserve your veggies.

Stop your veggies - celery and broccoli, for example - from going bad too fast by wrapping them up in some aluminum foil.

10. Reheating baked goods.

The best way to give an old pizza that "fresh" flavor is to reheat it in a frying pan, not the microwave. Yum!

11. Prevent avocados browning.

Nothing's worse than avocados going brown. What a waste of one of nature's most delicious foods. To prevent this tragedy, sprinkle them with a little apple cider vinegar and store with sliced onions.

12. Make knives more convenient.

To make sure the knife doesn't slip from your hands, simply fasten several rubber bands along the length of it in order to improve the grip.

13. Mayo replacement.

If you find yourself running out of mayonnaise, here's a way to make do in a pinch. Mix some sour cream with the yolk of a hard-boiled egg and a spoonful of mustard to create a viable substitute.


14. Keep chopped onions from wilting.

Chopped onions will stay fresher for longer if you put them on a plate and sprinkle them with salt. You can also wrap them up in food wrap.

15. Get rid of certain smells.

If something you made smells a little too strongly - fish or onions, perhaps - try washing them with water and vinegar to get rid of the heavy smell.

16. Settle Turkish coffee grounds.

To have your Turkish coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the cezve (a traditional copper pot used to make Turkish coffee), add a teaspoon of cold water and wait for half a minute before pouring the coffee into a cup.

17. Keep bread fresh.

This one is pretty surprising. Bread has a tendency to stay fresh for a lot longer if you put it in a breadbox along with a piece of apple.

18. Crispy potatoes.

The best way to crisp up potatoes is to eliminate moisture. You can either do this by draining them thoroughly with paper towels, or put them in the microwave for a while to slightly pre-cook them before frying.

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