18-Year-Old Angela Clayton Made This Lighted Dress From Scratch. WOW.

Most high schoolers don’t know what they want to do for a living. Actually, most college students don’t either! The average college student changes majors three times over their four years in higher education. At some schools that number is as high as five or six. Angela Clayton isn’t like most high schoolers, or college students for that matter. She’s got a very clear picture of the road ahead, and it looks pretty magical. After taking up sewing only a few years ago to aid in her hobby of cosplaying, it’s since become her main focus and she has gone from simply replicating the costumes of her favorite film and television characters to creating orginal fantasy costumes and dresses dreamed up in her very creative mind.

This lighted dress is one of her most famous originals.

It was this piece that caught the attention of the entire Internet via her Tumblr account.

She still enjoys creating cosplay designs, and has come up with several stunning Disney replicas, like this one from Frozen.


Or Merida from Brave.

Angela’s dream is to work in the theatre or in film, designing the kinds of costumes you might see in a production of Shakespeare.

Or perhaps a live-action Disney movie.

Angela has said she’d love to be able to skip the college experience and get right down to work.

With the impressive craftsmanship and detail she puts into each piece already, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just what she does.


Given her rapidly increasing celebrity on the Web, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see her designs in a film any minute now.

Or maybe a particularly free spirit will rock that lighted dress down a red carpet in Hollywood.

Via: Angela Clayton

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