18-Year-Old Walmart Employee Pays It Forward

18-year-old Kristopher Hudson works five days a week at a Walmart in Bryant, Arkansas as a means of saving up for his college tuition. The job is a lot more than just a paycheck for him, though. He says that some of his favorite parts of the job are interacting with customers, answering their questions and helping them out. To him, it's just one of his ways of paying things forwards.

That's hardly the only thing he does to pay it forward, however. You see, for weeks now, Hudson has been purchasing school supplies for the store's back-to-school blitz supply drive, helping fill bins full of supplies that will go to needy kids this fall - and he did it all out of his own salary.

With just $66, he said he was able to buy 309 different items. The 18-year-old's charitable actions have helped inspire others around him to also start donating, as reported by the assistant manager at the Bryant Walmart. 

Kristofer says he's inspired by his mother. "One thing she always told me and my brothers was, 'Always encourage others. The best feeling you'll ever have is when you get to help someone out.'"

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