18 Years Ago, 4 Million LEGO Were Lost At Sea. Today, They Are Turning Up On Cornish Beaches

Imagine you’re walking down the beach, searching for sea shells when all of a sudden you spy … a green plastic dragon? A tiny blue flipper? Some plastic grasses? Wait, a minute ... could these be LEGO?

If you’re on the beaches of Cornwall, U.K., your discovery wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary.

In 1997, a shipping container packed with 4.8 million LEGO fell into the sea. Over 3 million were estimated to be light enough to float. 

18 years later, beach goers are still finding LEGO on Cornwall’s beaches. Discoveries have also been made in Devon, Ireland and Wales. 

Ironically, many of the lost LEGO have a nautical theme. 


While others, like these dragons, are the most epic and sought-after pieces. 

Tracey Williams, a Cornwall native and member of Newquay Beach Care, has been discovering pieces for years. Her collection includes not only a dragon, but an octopus! 

Williams has even started a Facebook page where people can share their finds. 

This family was able to track down four separate pieces during a day at the beach. 

While this beautiful lady is obviously thrilled to have found two after weeks of preparing for her Cornish adventure. 


The LEGO make for a fun treasure hunt, but the bits of plastic also lead to serious environmental concerns for sea life and birds. The more that people are able to find, the better. 

Here is a full list of the LEGO lost at sea:

Toy kits - Divers, Aquazone, Aquanauts, Police, FrightKnights, WildWest, RoboForce TimeCruisers, Outback, Pirates
Spear guns (red and yellow) - 13,000 items
Black octopus - 4,200
Yellow life preserver - 26,600
Diver flippers (in pairs: black, blue, red) - 418,000
Dragons (black and green) - 33,941
Brown ship rigging net - 26,400
Daisy flowers (in fours - white, red, yellow) - 353,264
Scuba and breathing apparatus (grey) - 97,500

Happy hunting! 

Via: Roadtrippers | Lego Lost at Sea

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