19 Clever Organizing Tricks

With the temperature dropping as we head into the last month of the year, it becomes the time to break out those warmer winter clothes. Not only does it feel great to have warmer winter clothes on hand, it’s also a great opportunity to reorganize your closets and drawers. They can get pretty out of control during the year, but these simple storage ideas are a great way to keep everything well managed.

1. Tie scarves to a hanger to keep them from falling.

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2. Rolling up your clothes not only saves space, it also reduces folding lines.


3. If you struggle with morning outfit decisions, plan the outfit in advance.

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4. Hang your laundry bag to free up some floor space.

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5. Pool noodles or rolled-up magazines keep your boots upright.


6. PVC pipes can be used as small item organizers

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7. Shower rings and belt loops are great for hanging your shorts and short skirts.

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8. Use shoe boxes to line your drawers to help keep things organized.

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9. Store your sheet sets in pillowcases to keep them together.

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10. Stacking your shirts upright saves you from digging around for the one you want.

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11. An ornament box is great for organizing socks.

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12. If you don't travel more than a few times a year, hang your large suitcases above the door. It'll give you some extra storage space for other items.

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13. Old bottle boxes are the perfect size for most shoes.



14. Soda-can tabs can double your closet's hanging space.

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15. Ice cube trays keep your earrings organized.


16. This little trick can be used to keep track of what clothes you don’t wear anymore.

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17. A power bar in a dresser can keep your electronics charged without the extra clutter.


18. Comforter bags are the perfect size to store your out-of-season clothes.

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19. A great tip for deciding what should go into a donation bin.

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