19 Clever Ways To Use Toothpaste Around The House

Everyone's got a tube of toothpaste at home. (If you don't, what do you use?) Not only is it a crucial part of your daily hygiene routine, but toothpaste can be used for a bevy of household hacks. 

1. Tartar control toothpaste will bring old silverware back to life.

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2. Non-abrasive toothpaste will clear up foggy headlights.

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3. A dab of toothpaste will help get crayon marks off the walls.

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4. Restore piano keys to their original white color.


5. Same with sneakers.

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6. Defog swim or ski goggles by rubbing toothpaste on the lens with a microfiber cloth.

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7. Gently rubbing toothpaste on wood will take off those water stains. Just use a coaster next time.

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8. Get ink stains off leather with a dab.

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9. If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, you can deodorize him with toothpaste. It works better than tomato juice to neutralize the smell, plus your canine buddy will be minty fresh.


10. It will also get hair dye off of your skin at the ears and hairline.

11. Itchy mosquito bites? Toothpaste acts as itch relief in a pinch.

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12. It'll help fight acne overnight too.


13. Scrub off mineral stains on your iron with toothpaste to keep unsightly streaks off your freshly ironed clothes.

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14. It'll buff off small scratches from your phone as well.

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15. Scuffs on leather come off with ease.

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16. It's great for getting stains out of carpet with an abrasive brush.

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17. If your nails have a stain from a dark polish color, a quick toothpaste scrub will take it right off.

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18. You can get the garlic and onion smell off of your hands the same way you get them out of your mouth: toothpaste and water.


19. Take the odor out of reusable bottles with a swish of toothpaste on a scrub brush.

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Credit: Aunty Acid

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