19 Dogs With Beautiful Markings

Do you have a unique birthmark? Most of us have a defining physical feature, whether it's a birthmark, an oddly-shaped mole (which you might want to get checked out) or a meaningful tattoo. Even if we didn't choose them, these things set us apart from the rest of the crowd, they become a part of our personality, our identity.

It's no different when it comes to dogs, as you can see with these 19 dogs who have incredibly strange markings on their fur. Some of them were born this way, while others have had their fur dyed to achieve a specific look. Either way, there's no arguing that these dogs are absolutely beautiful. Do any of your furry friends have unusual marks? Show us in the comments!

1. This bulldog appears to be part panda.


2. Doctors believe this beautiful yellow lab to be a “chimera.” This refers to a single organism with the DNA of two different animals.


3. A salt & pepper dachshund.


4. Three distinct colors make this dog a majestic sight.

Janet Capling

5. Ideal camouflage for the snowy wilderness.

kelly wroot

6. That grayish hair is all the rage right now.



7. This Shiba Inu dyed its paws to look more like a fox.


8. Two eyes, two colors.

George Pancescu

9. The only thing this bandit is stealing is our hearts.

Roxanne Hewitt

10. It might look like a cheetah, but it still couldn't beat one in a race.

David Alderton

11. This one raises a few eyebrows.


12. This rottweiler has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes it to lose pigment.


13. What's more impressive, this dachshund's different faces or its snow leopard tail?

Chaval Brasil

14. This pup could offer up some beauty tips.



15. A freckled redhead.


16. Two-Face is my favorite Batdog villain.

Susan B.

17. Who does this dog's hair and when can I make an appointment?


18. Somebody give this mustachioed dog a tophat and monocle.


19. This dog's gaze is truly piercing.

The Midwest Maven

Via: Lifebuzz

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