19 Easy To Do Life Hacks That Just Make Sense

Life hacks are little tidbits of knowledge on how to do some type of everyday task just a little bit more easily. In many cases, they can save you time, money and/or space. Below is a compilation of some of the best, simplest life hacks that will do one or all of the above.

1. Charge your phone faster by switching to airplane mode.

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2. Use old toilet paper rolls as starter plots for young seedlings.

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3. Paper clips at the end of a roll of tape save a lot of frustration.

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4. Hide your money and cards (ID, credit/debit cards) in a women's sanitary napkin. It's one of the last places anyone would expect.

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5. Cut open a tennis ball and stick it to the wall to be an anything-holder.


6. Use the tabs from soda cans to double up on closet space.

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7. Use the spring from a pen to strengthen flimsy cords.

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8. You're still using electricity - and being charged for it - when cords are plugged in even if they aren't being used. Save your money by using powerstrips.


9. Keep dry pet food in a juf so it's easier to dish out.


10. Coffee beans in a little box act as a great makeup brush holder.

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11. An egg carton is a cheap way and efficient way to keep your laptop ventilated.

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12. In case of blackouts, put a cell phone under a bottle of liquid to distribute the light in all directions.

I've used this one many times and I will personally endorse that it's awesome.



13. Stick that sliver of soap from the old bar onto a new bar, it'll eventually fuse together.


14. If you're traveling and don't have an outlet handy, most modern TVs in hotel rooms have a USB plugin.


15. Another travel tip: when using public transit, wrap your bag around your leg to keep it safe while napping.


16. Use a fitted sheet at the beach to keep your tanning area sand-free.


17. Lived through the 90's and now you've got a bunch of old cassette tapes you don't know what to do with? BAM! Instant phone holder.

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18. A power plug can double as a flathead screwdriver in a pinch.


19. Graphite from an ordinary pencil helps unstick zipper teeth.

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Via: Diply 

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