19 Genius Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Garage Organized And Clutter-free

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As spring just rolls into gear, your garage is beckoning you with the promise of all those summer projects to come. With just a little spring cleaning and a few handy tricks, you can take your garage up to the next level.

1. Paper towel dispensers can handle garbage bags, burlap and netting.


2. Drill bits and small wrenches stay put with a magnetic strip.

Better Homes and Gardens

3. Tin cans will keep tools and small brushes upright and out of the way.

Hi Sugarplum!

4. A pegboard can be customized and constantly re-arranged for your changing needs.

Bulldog Hardware

5. Nail the tops of your jars to the underside of a shelf. That lets the jars hang under it and clears up valuable working tabletop space.

Chez Larsson

6. Divided storage will save you the headache of scrambling to match screws and nails.

Hi Sugarplum!


7. This bungee cord pen for balls and sports gear only takes a minute to set up but it's instant organization.

Designed To Dwell

8. Old PVC pipes get a second life storing garden equipment.

Ashbee Design

9. Loft your recycling center and save precious floorspace. (Instructions here.) 

The Family Handyman

10. No need for a high-priced bike rack - this simple hack can go up in an afternoon and only costs a couple of bucks for materials.

Bike Forums

11. Wire baskets keep your garage looking neat and put together while clearing up counter and floor space.

House & Home

12. An easy to build corral keeps tools, toys and sports gear from spreading and taking over the whole garage.

Pretty Handy Girl

13. This hacksaw blade hack makes tape dispensing a breeze.

Popular Woodworking

14. If you can beat the temptation of the dreaded "miscellaneous" label, your storage bins will thank you.

A Bowl Full of Lemons


15. Cabinets are essential for a clutter-free garage and, with just a little bit of work, can be a doable weekend project. (Get the instructions here.) 

The Family Handyman

16. A bucket bolted to the wall holds sprinkler attachments and hose storage with a cute, country home look.

Martha Stewart

17. These rolling storage systems are to die for.


18. A ladder takes up floor space and can be a dangerous temptation for kids. Stay safe and keep it out of the way by attaching it to the ceiling.

Wilker Do’s

19. And while you're at it, consider installing overhead storage for other things to keep away from kids and pets with easy-to-follow instructions here.  


Credit: Diply

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