19 Great Ways To Make Home Organization A Breeze

I moved into a new place recently, and it's not exactly the spaciest pad in the world. Organization is the key to living in small places (and big places too). It's just so satisfying to look around and see a clean house because everything has its own place. It gives you peace of mind and makes your place look amazing. Plus it makes life so much easier because you no longer have to wonder where something is anymore - it's in that designated space you just created for it! 

Here are 19 great organizational tips to help you get the most out of whatever space you're in.

1. Use command hooks to organize cables. Command hooks are awesome, find out more about getting the most from them here.


2. Use old wine/beverage boxes to store shoes.

Fashion Diva Design

3. Use clear tackle boxes to organize various odds and ends.


4. Bungee cords help keep kids toys neat, yet accessible.

The Griffiths Garden

5. A little velcro on your remotes goes a long way.



6. If you play a lot of card games, keep them organized with individual boxes.

Jazzie and Tahlia

7. Hooks are better than bars for towels, especially if you have kids.

Harvard Homemaker

8. Put all your gift/rewards/savings cards onto a single key chain. Now you're ready for extreme savings!

Cooking at Cafe D

9. Shelf risers are awesome for organizing your DVD collection.

IKEA Hackers

10. Three words: Magnetic bathroom rack. Genius!

Darkroom and Dearly

11. Put your power bar in your night stand to keep electronics stored neatly out of the way.


12. Egg cartons make for great K-cup storage.

The Joyful Organizer


13. Tuck a mail box under the counter to keep those letters and bills spreading everywhere.


14. A cutlery organizer works surprisingly well as a family toothbrush holder.

Little Penelope Lane

15. Peg board + zip ties = No more messy wires at your computer station.


16. Shower curtain hooks are a cheap, easy solution for closet storage.


17. Fold bedsheets into their corresponding pillow cases to save space.

Martha Stewart

18. Ice cube trays are good for more than just making ice.


19. Fold your plastic bags into neat triangles instead of shoving them away into another bag. Instructions here.


Via: Diply

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