19 Incredible Paintings That Seriously Mess With Your Brain

Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves creates a type of art that is known as "magical realism." One look at his artwork will show you exactly why. He started drawing as a child, but it was at age 12 that he developed a true passion for architecture and techniques that create perspective. Eventually, he got into surrealism. His paintings are characterized by their precise details and the inclusion of some form of optical illusion.

1. "Acrobatic Engineering"

2. "A Change Of Scenery"

3. "Bedtime Aviation"

4. "Autumn Architecture"

5. "Arboreal Office"

6. "As Above and So Below"

7. "Carved In Stone"


8. "Here Comes The Flood"

9. "The Sun Sets Sail"

10. "Ladies of the Lake"

11. "Canyon"

12. "Cathedral of Commerce"

13. "Changes of Scenery 2 (Making Mountains)"

14. "The Performer"


15. "Towards the Horizon"

16. "Towers of Knowledge"

17. "Unfinished Puzzle"

18. "Tributaries"

19. "When the Lights Were Out"

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H/T: Diply | Rob Gonsalves

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