19 Incredible, Unedited Photos That Look Almost Unreal

The world is such an incredible place. Maybe it's just because if the amount of time I spend on the internet, but it seems like I see something new and beautiful every single day. Just be sure to stop and appreciate it now and then. As these stunning photographs show, you never know when something strange and beautiful is just around the corner.

1. A school of tadpoles swim through Cedar Lake, Canada.

Eiko Jones

2. These Northern lights took on an incredible shape.

Hallgrimur P Helgason

3. A farmer passes through strawberry fields covered in protective canopies.

Leyla Emektar La

4. Mount Rainier, Seattle.

San Tan Hills Photography

5. A panoramic shot taken by a drone.


6. Mother Nature created some gorgeous patterns on the walls of this abandoned Russian salt mine.

Mikhail Mishainik

7. The clear blue waters of Fiji.



8. Sofia, Bulgaria, covered in a dense fog.

Ivan Dimitrov

9. The rosy waters of Lake Hillier, Australia.


10. The birth of a flame.


11. A narrow alleyway in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


12. Unique microorganisms near San Francisco give the waters these gorgeous, bright colors.

Gerald M.

13. A web of lightning encases the eruption of the Cabulco volcano in Chile.

Francisco Negroni Rodriguez

14. The long walk home.


15. Camels cast the perfect shadows on the desert sand.

George Steinmetz

16. A flock of penguins hang out on an iceberg.

Cherry Alexander

17. The rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy.

Marcin Sobas

18. This cave is Bulgaria is fittingly known as "The Eyes of God."

Rafran PRAX

19. This pool in Switzerland offers unbelievable views.


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H/T: Bright Side

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