19 Life Tips That Will Totally Change The Way You Handle Everyday Tasks

Life is already hard enough as it is, so why make it harder on yourself by not doing things in the most efficient way possible? Sure, you may have been doing it that way for a long time, and it works for you, but if there's a way to save time and effort on something then I, for one, am jumping on it!  

Keeping that in mind, here are 19 great tips and tricks that will help make yourself that much easier. Don't worry about thanking us, we do it because we love you!

1. Cure a sore throat


Try drinking warm milk steeped with cardamom to relieve inflammation and soreness. You may even find you really enjoy the sweet, warm, aromatic flavor of cardamom!

2. Quick-start campfires


Need to make a fire but the wood is damp and/or you're running low on lighter fluid? Try using potato chips as kindling - they're dry, combustible, and burn for a while thanks to the oil they were fried in.

3. Calm yourself down


If you need to calm down quickly, try pressing the skin between your nose and lips with your thumb for a few seconds. This even works with nervous breakdowns!

4. Boil potatoes faster


Add butter to the pot to boil potatoes faster.

5. Checking the freshness of eggs


This is nice and simple: drop an egg into a large bowl of cold water such that the egg is fully submerged. Fresh eggs will sink straight down, rotten eggs will float right to the top. Eggs that hit the bottom but are kind of pointing upwards are still edible... but the clock is ticking.

6. Using bananas instead of eggs in baking


Half a banana is roughly equal to one egg if you need to use a baking conversion.


7. Remove glue stains from glass


Stubborn glue stains can be removed using vegetable oil. Simply spread it over the surface and let sit for 10 minutes before wiping away.

8. Boil beans/pulses faster


Forgot to soak your pulses overnight? Boil them in unsalted water and add a tablespoon of cold water every 10 minutes. They'll be ready with no trouble at all.

9. Removing ink/paint stains from clothing


Acetone will work wonders on these types of stains. Wipe it on the affected area, then rub with hartshorn spirit.

10. How to deal with a cracked egg


Boil a cracked egg as per usual, but with the addition of a little vinegar to the water. This helps the egg coagulate faster so it doesn't start dispersing all over the place.

Pro tip: a little vinegar in the water is also how to make perfectly poached eggs without breaking them.

11. Quickly dry your footwear


Heat up some salt in a skillet, then sprinkle it into a sock. Place this inside a wet shoe and it'll absorb the moisture. You may need to switch out socks if the shoe is really soaked.

12. Boil milk faster


A pinch of sugar is guaranteed to help milk boil faster.

13. Grate cheese without a mess

Golden Age Cheese

Spray your grater with a little vegetable oil to keep cheese from sticking to it. Cleanup is a breeze too!


14. Banish bad odors from the kitchen


If your kitchen has a funky smell, try boiling a tablespoon of ordinary white vinegar in a frying pan until it evaporates.

15. Reusing dried-out lemons


If you've got a previously-cut lemon that's starting to dry, restore it to its former glory with a soak in a bowl of water for a few hours.

16. Break in new shoes


Wear your new shoes along with the thickest socks you have. Next, run a hair dryer over the shoes (while wearing them) for 10 minutes or so.

17. Cure headaches


It sounds odd, but rubbing a lemon on your forehead can really help alleviate headaches.

18. Pick up broken glass


Use plasticine to pick up all those tiny little pieces of broken glass. You can also use a slice of bread in a pinch.

19. Protect your smartphone

Bright Side

Your smartphone can get scratched up pretty easily without a protective film. Put a little toothpaste on the screen and rub it into any scratches. Then, wipe away the excess.

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