19 Ways Epsom Salt Can Improve Your Health And Home

Commonly found in drug stores across the country, Epsom salt has been used for centuries as an essential tool for taking care of ourselves and our gardens. The name Epsom comes from a town in England, where Epsom salt was first discovered in a bitter water spring. The mineral was later found to be incredibly high in magnesium sulfate, and this popularized its use in medical and agricultural applications. 

Though there are many modern alternatives, Epsom salt is still one of the most effective products for naturally treating your body and garden to bit of pampering. Most of us just use it for relaxing, but look at all the ways Epsom salt is beneficial:

1. Detoxify Your Body

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It may seem obvious, but one of the most beneficial ways to use Epsom salt is for the purpose it is most commonly used for: soaking and detoxifying your body.

2. Splinter Remover

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Splinters can sometimes feel like the perfect storm of pain, discomfort, and annoyance. What can make matters worse is when it’s lodged deep into thick, hard skin. Epsom salt, however, can aid in quick-and-painless splinter removal by softening the skin after a good soak.

3. Hair Volumizer

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We know it's good for your skin, but who knew it could be good for your hair? According to Dr. Oz, "Adding Epsom salt to conditioner helps you to rid your hair of excess oil, which can weigh hair down and leave it looking flat. Create your own homemade volumizer by combining equal parts Epsom salt and conditioner. Apply and leave in for 20 minutes before rinsing."

4. Relief From Body Aches

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Epsom-salt soaks have a variety of benefits, but one of the most useful ones is its ability to provide instant relief of body aches. Just use your favorite soak recipe, and let the pain melt away.

5. Headache Relief


In the same way that a soak can help with muscular aches and pains, Epsom salt is equally beneficial in helping to alleviate headaches.

6. Sunburn Relief


Have you ever had a little too much fun in the sun? According to Dr. Oz, "Epsom salt's anti-inflammatory properties make it a great tool for alleviating mild sunburn irritation. Take an empty spray bottle, mix two tablespoons of Epsom with one cup of water, and spray on the affected area."


7. Skin Scrub


Epsom salt can be used to make a great skin scrub. If you don't want to suffer from dry, flaky skin anymore, simply follow this recipe.

8. Earache Relief

Having an earache can be an incredibly painful experience. Before rushing to take medication, why not try the simple remedy seen in the video above? One can use Epsom salt or, as the video demonstrates, sea salt. Both work fine! 

9. Itch Relief

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Minor outbreaks of itches are sometimes a sign of contact dermatitis or dry skin. Spray a solution of two tablespoons of Epsom salt dissolved into one cup of water onto the affected area for relief.

10. Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs can do wonders for your skin and for your mood. Simply follow the directions found in this link to make your own bath bombs using Epsom salt.

11. Improving Sleep


Having an Epsom-salt soak before bed can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

12. Grow Sweeter Tomatoes

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Epsom salt is rich in magnesium, which affects the sweetness of fruits and vegetables. Learn more about getting the most out of your garden by following this link.

13. Increase Vegetable Yields

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Particularly with peppers, adding some Epsom salt to the soil can increase the overall yield of the plant. Click this link to learn more.


14. Fertilizer

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If you have a green thumb, then you know that soil eventually loses its nutrients over time. Adding Epsom salt is a great way to boost the quality of the soil so that your garden has what it needs to thrive.

15. Boost Flower Colors

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If fruits and vegetables aren't your thing, Epsom salt can also be beneficial to flower gardens. Adding a little bit to your flower beds will increase the vibrancy of the colors.

16. Prevent Yellowing Grass

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In the same way that flowers benefit from a bit of Epsom salt, grass will look greener and be much less likely to yellow during the hot summer.

17. Remove Tree Stumps

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Because Epsom salt is naturally very absorbent, they are great for pulling out moisture from tree stumps. This, in turn, will make them much easier to pull out of the ground.

18. Improved Seed Germination

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The benefits of Epsom salt in the garden just don't seem to end. This amazing substance is great for giving your plants the best start in life by contributing to the healthy development of seed walls. Learn how to achieve this by following the link here.

19. Remedy For Leaf Curling

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Leaf curling is a typical sign of soil that is lacking in nutrients – particularly magnesium. As you probably know by now, Epsom salt is chock-full of it. Just apply some to the soil, then water and wait for the stunning results.

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