19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Creates Unbelievable Looks

Lithuanian-born Saida Mickeviciute is only 19 years old, but she's already an incredible makeup artist. Good luck finding her, though, because she's just too good at transforming her entire appearance. 

The London-based fashion and textiles student has honed her skills over the years. Now, using just makeup, time, and considerable effort, she can turn herself into anyone or anything she can imagine. Saida told Bored Panda that her "inspiration mostly comes from horror movies or from my favorite producer, Tim Burton."

Even more impressive is Saida's training ... or lack thereof. She's managed to achieve this level of skill completely on her own in under two years. "I started everything before Halloween back in 2015 and simply kept on going ever since," she says. Now, she can complete any one of these incredible transformations in just a couple hours.

1. Sweet Sloth

2. Cracked China Doll

3. Say "Ahhh"

4. Reminded Of Real Monsters


5. Tribute To Tim Burton Creation, Coraline

6. Frogs For Dinner

7. "Steampunk Airship Girl"

8. Beauty's Only Skin Deep

9. Christmas Nutcracker

10. Wiped Face


11. Face Demons Are Trying To Escape

12. Real-Life Edward Scissorhands

13. Ice Queen

14. Cheshire Cat Smile

15. Jigsaw

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H/T: Bored Panda | saidaa1997

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