2 Simple Rules To Keep Tomatoes Fresh For Longer

Summer is finally here, bringing with it all the treats and seasonal goodies that we spend the rest of the year looking forward to. I'm talking berries, watermelons, BBQ's with the family, and, of course, fresh, ripe tomatoes. Sure, a lot of us have grocery stores nearby with tomatoes being sold year-round, but if you could actually compare a commercial hothouse tomato to a fresh, seasonal tomato picked off the vine, you'd notice the difference right away.

Having had the opportunity to travel a lot when I was growing up, I can tell you firsthand that there are a few things that are common to just about any kitchen worldwide - salt, pepper, onions, and tomatoes. Whether you're making a traditional Indian curry, an Italian marinara, or a zesty Mexican salsa, you need tomatoes! When they're at their peak freshness, tomatoes can pack a whole lot of flavor in a tiny package. Sadly, not too many of us know the best way to keep our tomatoes at their freshest - I certainly didn't, until today. 

It turns out, there's really only two main rules you need to follow:

1. Store them at room temperature.


Storing tomatoes in the fridge causes them to develop a grainy texture and lose their flavor. Keep tomatoes at room temperature to ensure the best, freshest taste.

2. Place them stem-side down.


Wherever you store your tomatoes, place them with the stem end facing downwards. Doing so minimizes air from entering and moisture from leaving the "scar," both of which will prolong the shelf life.

So fresh!


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H/T: PureWow

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