20 Absolutely Brilliant Inventions That Are Total Game-Changers

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Every year, there are exciting new gadgets and inventions coming out, promising to make life a little easier, a little better, or just a whole lot more fun. Whether you need help cooking, waking up in the morning, or keeping your place clean, there's a good chance there's some invention out there that can help. Check out these brilliant examples to see what I mean.

1. Alarm Clock Mat


We have all hit the snooze button a few too many times in life. It's very easy to just reach across to the alarm and push a button before you fall back asleep. This clock solves the problem. You have to wake up to turn it off!

2. Fruit Juice Sprayer


Ever seen any of those genius hacks for keeping apples, bananas, and avocados fresh? This helps bring them to life by giving you the ability to spritz your fruit juices. Brilliant. 

3. Video-Recording Contact Lens


These may qualify as equally creepy as they are ingenious... who wants to talk to someone while being in fear of constant recording? On the other hand, it would be great to capture events and memories without having to look through the lens of a phone or camera.

4. Ironing Board/Mirror Combo


Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Full body mirrors are always a must when getting dressed and ironing boards are a morning staple for me as well. Combining these two only makes sense.

5. Solar-Powered Chaise Lounge

The sun isn't going anywhere anytime soon... I hope. While it's around, we should try to take advantage of the free energy. So many devices require a plug these days that an invention like this would give us all more freedom to work and play outside.


Then at night they can turn into a beautifully lit area to relax. 

6. Snuggle-Friendly Bed


The thought of having my arm stuck in one of those bed creases is so refreshing. They could also serve as a place to stick an iPad while watching Netflix in bed...

7. Nail Polish Holder


Polishing your nails can be a messy job. And messy jobs can use all the help they can get. This stand helps prevent any spills or other disasterous "oops" moments that can come with using nail polish.

8. Cucumber Spiral Slicer


The idea of slicing cucumbers in a spiral isn't new - I've got a slicer that does just that. But, it's much bigger, requires a few different sharp parts and is kind of a pain to clean. Something like this would make my life much easier.


9. Nightstand With Pop-Out Breakfast Tray


Is is similar to what I've seen in hospitals. I'm not sure why it hasn't caught on in more hotel and residential Ikea furniture. Maybe if it comes with some sophisticated crumb-catching technology...

10. Shoe Drying Net


Have you ever tried drying shoes in the dryer? It's loud and just sounds like it's breaking things. A shoe drying net is an awesome way to get the hot air of the dryer without a thump-thump-thump of shoes bouncing around.

11. Exercise Ball Chair


Sitting on an exercise ball is supposed to increase core strength and balance throughout the day. This version looks like one that won't roll away the second you stand up.

12. Paint Roller


I've used a couple devices like these, but they never seem to work well. Maybe this one is the version that can make painting trim easier. Clean lines in a room make such a difference.

13. "Jelly Cloth"


Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places. This looks like something we used to play with as kids. I remember getting dirt, hair, grass and other weird stuff stuck in those goopy toys. It's about time it was transitioned into something we could play with as adults under the guise of "cleaning".

14. USB Batteries


Having the right batteries around when you need them always feels like a small victory. Not having to throw them away and buy new ones is even better. 

15. Heated Butter Knife

Bright Side

Like a hot knife through butter, literally. Unless you keep your butter at room temperature, you've probably experienced the awkward experience of trying to cut a firm stick of butter. Having a heated knife would solve that problem.

16. Suitcase Scooter

This looks like a normal scooter with a suitcase strapped on the back...


Until you see it can collapse down into something that's almost small enough to be a piece of carry-on luggage. This would be great for traveling around the city where parking spaces can be limited.


17. Safety Display Bicycling Backpack


Cycling can be a dangerous activity when you're sharing the road with cars. They're much bigger, faster, and have blind spots. This backpack can help cars know where you're going and help them act accordingly. Something I'm sure both parties can agree would be helpful.

18. Portable, Solar-Powered Electric Socket


This invention is glorious. Outlets always seem to be in short supply and never exactly where they're needed. Having a portable one that runs off of the sun is perfect.

19. Bed Risers With Electric Sockets


Why is it that electrical sockets always seem to be right behind the bed or nightstand? Hardly an easy-to-reach spot. Making bedposts into plugs with USB outlets is a genius idea.

20. Futuristic Exercise Bike


Not only does this look modern and cool, it's got a sleek shape that can be easily tucked away or just treated like a piece of modern art.

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