20 Brilliant Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

We're constantly on the hunt to find new, awesome tips and tricks that make everyday life just a little easier. Whether it's figuring out how to reuse something that's past its prime, how to clean up your house in no time, how to look your best with minimal fuss, or countless other things, we're always trying to find new ways to make your day simpler. 

Keeping that in mind, we've compiled yet another great list of 20 useful life hacks that show you how to do a little of everything, from amping up your speakers to making your shoes waterproof.

1. Grow roses from cuttings


Before planting your new rose cuttings, stick the stem ends into small potatoes. The moisture and nutrients from the potatoes will help the rose's roots get a healthy start in life. Find out more here.

2. Waterproof your shoes


Waterproof your canvas shoes by spreading beeswax all over the and using a blow dryer to melt the beeswax into the shoes until you can no longer see it. Ready for the rain!

3. Dry clothes faster


If you don't have a dryer and need to dry a garment urgently, try placing it on a dry towel, and rolling it up with the towel (like a wet laundry cinnamon roll) and then wring out the excess moisture thoroughly. Then, just hang up the garment to air dry the rest of the way.

4. Deodorize your shoes


Dry tea bags absorb bad odors from your shoes in no time. If your shoes are also damp, try placing some rice and baking soda in them and leaving it to sit a few days.

5. Tight shoes


If your new shoes feel too tight, stretch them out by tightly stuffing wet newspaper in them and letting them dry.

6. Start a fire


You can use chips (potato or corn) to start a fire! The fat and other chemicals in chips make for great kindling.

7. Find tiny lost items


Put a nylon stocking over the end of the vacuum cleaner and run it over the area you think you've lost something small (earrings, for example)


8. Time-marked water bottle


If you have trouble with your daily water intake, try this trick. Draw lines on your bottle with a permanent marker, and write a time beside the water level. That way, you have a visual reminder of how much water you should have consumed by a certain amount of time.

9. Remove toilet bowl stains


If you're low on toilet cleaner, you can always pour some Coca-Cola into the bowl and let it sit overnight before washing with soapy water and flushing clean.

10. Unclog drains


Pour hot water down the drain, then pack one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar (pour slowly). Let this sit for 15 minutes then clear everything out by pouring boiling water down the drain.

11. Clean the showerhead


Simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band. Let the vinegar soak overnight and then remove the bag. Voila! Good as new!

12. Keep buttons from falling off


Paint some clear nail polish over the threads in the buttons and they won't go anywhere.

13. Body odor

Bright Side

If you ran out of deodorant after a heavy gym session, try cutting an orange or lemon in half and rubbing it on your skin. It may not be Old Spice, but at least you won't smell like gym socks.

14. Amplify your phone's speaker system


Place the phone in a drinking glass or bowl to boost the volume of your speakers.

15. Make ice last longer


Sprinkle a little salt on the ice in your cooler during a hot day, and you'll see it melts a lot slower.


16. Bad breath


Forgot to brush today? Eat an apple, it'll not only keep the doctor away, it'll also fight bad breath.

17. Citrus candles


Want your house to smell awesome for hours? Just make an orange/lemon candle from an actual orange/lemon! Learn more here.

18. Open stuck lids


You're probably already aware of a few tricks to open stuck jars. My favorite is to use duct tape, but if you haven't got that handy, try soaking the lid in hot water for a minute or two before opening.

19. Wooden spoon trick


This is an old standby recommended by countless moms - place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling pasta to keep the water from rising too fast and spilling over.

20. Open a SIM card tray without the ejector tool


All you really need is something slender enough to fit down that little pinhole, and a bent paper clip does the trick just fine.

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