20 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars

Mason jars have been around for a good long time. They've been traditionally used to store preserves and other foods, but these days they're really catching on for other uses such as drinking glasses, decorative items and a whole lot more. Here are 20 incredibly creative ways to get the magic of mason jars to your life.

1. Yarn Dispenser: Make a hole in the lid of the jar and string some yarn though.

My Sister's Cottage

2. Terrarium: Just put some soil and rocks at the bottom and plant some hardier plants like grasses or succulents.


3. Picture Frames: Put photos in upside down mason jars.

Design Sponge

4. Soap Dispenser: This is so much nicer than the plastic dispensers I use now.

The Blissfully Content Life

5. Replacement Blender: If your blender ever breaks, the blade attachment may just fit onto certain sizes of mason jars.

Real Simple

6. DIY Sewing Kit: Use small mason jars to keep your sewing supplies neatly stored. Learn more here.



7. Bathroom Storage: Why not use mason jars to create some funky extra storage options? Learn how here.

Liz Marie Blog

8. Plant Hanger: Alternatively, you could use a similar method to the one above and make plant hangers instead.

Tip Junkie

9. Pizza in a  Jar: Just when you thought pizza couldn't get better, this recipe comes along to put a new twist on pizza night.

1 Fine Cookie

10. DIY Vases: Make your own decorative vases with this crafty tutorial.

Little Miss Momma

11. Fireflies in a Jar: It's not real fireflies, just the insides of a glow stick and some glitter.


12. Cupcake in a Jar: In case you're more a sweet tooth, learn how to make cupcakes in a jar here.

My Cakies

13. Hanging Lights: Mason jars can be used for all kinds of cute, creative lighting solutions. Find several great ideas for mason jar lighting here.

MaryJanes and Galoshes


14. Mosquito Repeller: Use this amazing trick to keep mosquitos away next summer.


15. Lava Lamp: These lava lamps are just a mix of oil, water and food coloring. Learn how to make one here.

Hello Wonderful

16. DIY Luminary: Trace a design on the outside of a mason jar and then put in a candle to make a gorgeous homemade luminary.


17. Lid Ornaments: Ok, so this one is more about the lid than the jar, but it's still a great tutorial.


18. Mason Jar Salad: This has been getting really popular lately! The airtight jars keep your salad fresh and they don't leak. There's a little technique to making these right, which you can learn about here.


19. Table Setting: Ditch the traditional table setting and tuck everything into a mason jar for a fun twist.

Midwest Living

20. Pencil Sharpener: By putting a sharpener in the lid, you never have to worry about pencil shavings again. Learn how to make one here.


Via: Tiphero

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