20 Insanely Practical Life Hacks

During this time of the year, the days seem to go by so fast. For many of us, it’s dark when we wake up and dark when we get home from work. Even though there are still 24 hours in a day, the cold air and lack of sunlight leave many feeling less than motivated. Chores, organization and regular upkeep start to take a backseat to relaxing on the couch with a fuzzy blanket – at least at my house!

Thankfully, spring is getting closer with every passing day, but in the meantime, we’ve found 20 life hacks that will make daily life just a little bit easier. With tricks like these, chores don’t seem quite so bad, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even be inspired to finally organize your pots and pans.

1. Attach a PVC pipe to your leaf blower to clean out gutters with your feet firmly on the ground. 


2. An old magazine rack is perfect for storing pots and pans. 


3. Shrink your favorite sweater? Don’t worry – baby shampoo can help you get it back to its original size. Details here

Michael G

4.  To sanitize LEGOs, place them in a mesh bag and send them through the washing machine on delicate. A word of warning, it might be a little noisy. 

Gettin' By

5. Use toothpaste to get rid of watermarks. 


6. Placing newspaper under mulch will keep weeds from overtaking your flower beds – I’m making note of this one for spring! 

Rosemary on the TV


7. This makes so much sense. 


8. Vinegar, or this homemade mixture, is perfect for de-icing your car windshield in the morning. 

Uncle Vinny

9. Hang a shoe organizer in the kitchen pantry and use it to organize produce. The easy-to-grab snacks will help you and your family stick to a healthy diet. And that’s not all they are good for –  more alternative uses for shoe caddys here

Eager Little Mind

10. Garbage bags knots are such a bummer – this should be taught in schools! 


11. When rearranging furniture, use a fork to fluff flattened carpet. Bonus points if you can say that five times fast. 


12. A quick and easy fix when you’re on the go. 


13. This is a great project for a cold, snowy day. Simply grab a shoebox and a magnifying lens and before long, you’ll have your very own home theater. Details here


14. When working with pastries, cheeses or other soft foods, dental floss slices much smoother than a knife. 



15. It look crazy, but it works! 


16. This one makes DIY cleanup a breeze. 


17. Use a staple remover to gets keys on/off your keychain. 

The Idea King

18. Painting clear nail polish over buttons will keep them from unbuttoning randomly. 


19. Don’t have a phone mount? Use a rubber band! 


20. You know those people who somehow survive trips with only a carry on? Their secret is roll, roll, roll. 

Birchbox Man

Via: LifeBuzz

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