20 Inspiring People Who Show That Willpower And Perseverance Can Really Pay Off

The thought of exercise makes many of us groan, but we all know that it is a healthy and necessary part of life. With obesity rates higher than ever before, it is extremely important to educate the population on healthy eating and regular exercise, and to spread awareness of the impact of poor health choices.

There comes a time in many people's lives where they finally buckle down and decide to take their health seriously. This time varies from person to person, depending on where they are in life and how they feel about themselves. Some individuals realize that losing weight is necessary in order to maintain their health - and that is one of the best reasons to start hitting the gym and eating better. No matter what motivates you to get into shape, be sure to keep up the good work. If you need a little kick-start, check out these 20 incredible transformations that will surely get you inspired:

1. This boy lost 70 pounds, but he gained a whole lot of well-deserved confidence.


2. They say that "couples who work out together, stay together." These two adorable lovebirds decided to get into shape together - and now they are happily married and inspiring thousands of people with their transformation.


3. In just a year, this gentleman was able to lose 110 pounds. The hard work was definitely worth it.


4. This inspiring young lady worked hard every day for two years and was able to lose 278 pounds in that time. What an incredible transformation from 458 pounds to 180 pounds!


5. It is so nice to see this man go from 550 pounds to 220 pounds. Not only did he lose a lot of weight, but he also continues to engage in healthy activities to maintain his physique. Bravo!


6. Even cats can achieve extreme weight loss! This furry feline looks so much healthier and happier after shedding the pounds.


7. A stunning woman lost 130 pounds and achieved her ultimate weight goal. Just look at that confidence shining through her beautiful face!



8. This gorgeous couple wanted to look their best on their wedding day, so they decided to get into shape together. Combined, they lost 133 pounds and looked absolutely incredible on their big day!

Chris Fossey Photography

9. From July 2010 to December 2011, this pretty girl lost 133 pounds. Just look how beautiful she is in that dress she bought for Christmastime.


10. You can't help but feel pure joy for this proud man, who lost over 200 pounds in just one year. He definitely deserves a pat on the back for such an incredible transformation.


11. This gorgeous, inspiring woman proudly embraces every part of her body, from being 372 pounds to 185 pounds. Her unfiltered, unglamorized documentation of the weight-loss journey gives others the confidence to take on the same endeavor with realistic expectations.

Simone's Journey to Health

12. A sweet mother-and-son duo who motivated each other and achieved their weight-loss goals together. Four years later, and they both look happy and stunning!


13. To celebrate their four-year anniversary, this charming husband and wife recreated their wedding photos - but this time, they are each over 100 pounds lighter. What a wonderful idea.


14. Two good friends decided to lose weight together, and they both achieved their goals. Just look at how happy they are.



15. In just a year and a half, this gorgeous gal lost almost 70 pounds. We're glad to see that her delightful smile hasn't changed, though.


16. It's hard not to feel motivated after seeing this before-and-after photo documentation. She went from 308 pounds to 170 pounds in 17 months! Keep up the good work!


17. With hard work and perseverance, this handsome lad lost 112 pounds in less than a year!


18. Being obese during childhood significantly increases your chance of staying obese in adulthood. We're glad to see this boy take his health seriously while he's young. In just 10 months, he was able to shed 100 pounds.



19. In 2007, this young man was 423 pounds. Six years later, he dropped to 245 pounds. All that hard work and dedication were well worth it.


20. From October 2012 to September 2013, this stunning girl lost 70 pounds. You can see the confidence and pride shining through her!


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