20 People Who Turned Piling Logs Into An Art Form

Can something as mundane as piling logs be turned into an art form? In the right hands - of course, it can! Human creativity never ceases to amaze me. Take these folks who figured out how to arrange piles of logs into beautiful works of art that will gradually disappear as the logs are burned one by one over the course of the winter.

It never really occurred to me until just now that a log could have such potential. Depending on the wood and how the logs are cute, they can represent a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures. There are even galleries of artwork created from logs. Check out these gorgeous examples below.

1. Fallen Tree

Bored Panda

It's a fallen tree made from fallen trees - how incredibly meta! It's like, some kind of "Tree-inception." 

2. Forest Hog

earthly mission

Wow, that's a very impressive hog. Imagine stumbling across that thing in the dim twilight hours? I don't know about you, but it'd definitely freak me out for a second.

3. Owl Mosaic

Gary Tallman

"Whoooo goes there?" asked the spirit of the Great Wood Owl.

Nervously, the young boy approached the log pile and stammered his name. A very special adventure was about to begin...

4. Round Woodpile

Michael Buck

Here's a truly gorgeous work of architecture that'll keep you warm all through a cold, dreary winter.

5. Owl Mosaics

Gary Tallman

The Great Wood Owl knew this was the boy for whom he had waited nearly 4,000 years. He summoned two of his wisest owls to accompany the boy on his journey.

"These are Eregeon and Athenian, my two most trusted advisors. They shall fly at your back, young boy, and watch over you as you make the way to your destination."

6. Spiral Wood Sculpture

Ken Woodhead

Wow, I bet it took longer to create that spiral than it did to actually chop the wood that it's made of. Some people are so creative, while I can barely play Jenga...

7. Firewood Tower

Nikolay Polissky7 Firewood Tower

Y'know... I'm no expert on the subject but... I think maybe having a fire in a building literally made of firewood might be - possibly, potentially - a bad idea.


8. Artistic Wood Stack

Bored Panda

Whoa! Can you imagine trying to take a log out from this epic wood pile? It almost makes you say, "Maybe I'll just put on another sweater."

9. Totoro Mosaic

Reijiro Tsukida

Here's an absolute classic for every anime lover out there!

10. Fish Wood Stack

Bjare Granli

I don't know about you, but I think there's something fishy about that pile of logs behind old Fido there.

11. Swiss Bear

David & Daryl's Travel Blog

That's a pretty fierce Swiss bear in that pile of logs. I always thought the Swiss were a peaceful and neutral people.

12. Little House

Awww, isn't that simply adorable? It's the world's cutest little "log" cabin.

13. Artistic Woodpile

Lyn / Neale

I love this sculpture because not only does it look like a fern leaf, it also looks like each spine in the leaf is a little pine tree.

14. Painted Wood Sculpture

Michael McGillis

This is a fun way to add a splash of color to your wood pile, and it even makes a great project for kids to do.

15. Kinetic Play Sculpture

This totally unique wood pile is actually surprisingly interactive as it doubles as a kinetic sculpture.


16. King And Queen Of Norway

Ole Kristian Kjelling

Fun fact: most Scandinavian states still have their royal families in place. Like the British Royal Family, however, these royals are mostly just figurehead.

17. Owl Mosaics

Gary Tallman

As time went on, Eregeon and Athenian grew increasingly more concerned about the boy's state of mind. What did The Great Owl see in him? Was this a fool's errand? 

Meanwhile, winter tightened its icy grip upon all of them.

18. Creative Log Piles

Bored Panda

Is it just me or do you also get the urge to pull logs from the middle of the pile, Jenga-style?

19. Creative Wood Pile Art

David Henry

It's almost like there's a little oven built right into this wood pile, isn't it?

20. The Ring

John Gerding

Whoa! No two ways about it, that's just plain cool. It's such a creative process, and by the look of it, this structure is completely freestanding.

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H/T: Bored Panda

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