20 Ways Command Hooks Can Help You Save Space And Get Organized

Command hooks are ridiculously convenient. You never really have to put a hole in your wall again (which is awesome for renters like myself), and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate objects of various sizes and weights. No matter how you slice it, command hooks are one of the best friends you can have when it comes to getting organized. Here's 20 great ways you can start using them in your everyday life.

1. Hang up laundry hampers.

Teal And Lime

2. Make a charging station for your laptop to keep it safe at night.


3. Use command hooks in the shower to hold your shower caddy.

Knitty Blog

4. Make a little TV stand for your iPad so your arms don't get tired while watching Netflix.


5. Make extra space in your kitchen by hanging various utensils on the door.

Family Handy Man

6. Hand up your plants to save floor space (and keeps ferns safe from your cat).

Life Riding Shotgun


7. Use a command hook to keep your garbage from tipping over in the car. If you don't have a garbage bag yet, consider this a 2-for-1.

Mommy Savers

8. Keep your toothbrush suspended and secure.

Misty Arrowood

9. Organize your cleaning supplies to save space and keep things from being misplaced.

Urban Moms

10. Hang your glasses near your desk for quick access.


11. Command hooks + bag/chip clips = organized pantry.

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

12. They also work to help organize your child's play area.

Wayne Colborne

13. With a little ingenuity, they also make great paper towel holders.

Organize With Sandy


14. Similar to the laptop station, you can build a smaller charging station for your phone.

Bob Vila

15. Hand bath towels and robes on the back of the door to dry.

I'm An Organizing Junkie

16. Command hooks and a curtain rod team up to create a great DIY shoe rack.

Hannah Hensley

17. A few coats of metallic spray paint lends a touch of class to "cheap" looking plastic hooks.

The Handcrafted Life

18. Never lose your keys again.

Simply Back To Basics By Linda Groat

19. Keep messy cords from getting tangled.

Wonderful Engineering

20. Keep a garbage bag under the sink by hanging it on the cupboard door.

Eclectically Vintage

Via: Diply

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