21 Brilliant Ways To Save Space Around Your Home

Finding the space to put things away can be extremely difficult, especially in a smaller home. For those of who have the luxury, cramming things into the basement is often the quick fix but it isn’t a viable option in all circumstances. Moving to a bigger home is not what everyone wants, so here are some great ideas to make the most out of the space you have.

1. Building shelves into your stairs can be a great way to store your family’s shoes.

Good Home Design 

2. Do you often have a problem with accidently stepping in the litter box during the night? You can hide it in a spare cabinet and cut out a doorway for easy access.

Elips Design 

3. If you don’t have the space for a pet bed either, you could always consider building one under the stairs.

Amy Hadley via Decor Hacks 

4. By cutting a pathway in the walls that divide rooms, you can open up the feel of your home.

Decor Pad 

5. If you are at a loss for a place to put a mattress, you can install a window seat with a pull-out bed.

Roberta Soebadio via Pinterest 

6. Drying your laundry outside isn’t always a viable option. These pull-down racks are the perfect solution for hanging clothes in your laundry room.

Quadstar Design 

7. Covering a wall with mirrors can help create the illusion of more space.

Mike Rush via Kitchen Today 


8. If you have some spare books that you no longer use, you could consider setting up a sharing station outside.


9. Stowaway beds are making a huge comeback and they can be used to turn any area into a spare bedroom.

Valet Customs

10. The clutter on your kitchen counter and in your drawers can be remedied by this simple solution.


11. This drawer-cutting board can be incredibly useful if you lack the space. The hole in it is cleverly placed so you can add a compost bin underneath.

The Farm Chicks

12. You can keep wrapping paper stored away on the ceiling of your closet by using some string or wire to hold it up there.

Frank Farm via Flickr

13. Your bedroom can be the perfect storage space if you have a bed frame like this.

Carpet Right

14. If you are tired of seeing your electronics clumsily charging all over your counter, you can have an outlet installed in the back of one of your drawers.

Apartment Therapy

15. If that isn’t an option, you can still hide the outlet with a faux drawer.

Neat Method


16. If you add a small platform to a bedroom or a den, the possibilities can be endless.

MRF Construction

17. Changing the design of your stairs can create more walking room as well as create a space to store some larger items.


18. You can easily combine a bookshelf with a kitchen island to keep all those cookbooks close at hand.

This Old House

19. If you have a pantry next to the garage, you could consider putting a small door in the wall so that you don’t have to lug those heavy groceries around.


20. You could consider growing an indoor, wall-mounted herb garden to save some space and have some fresh ingredients nearby.


21. If you are proud of your bike, why not try hanging it on the wall?


Credit: Faith Tap

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