21 Children Who Took Things Way, Way Too Literally

Trying to get your kids to do something can be an uphill battle early on in life pretty much always. Either they're not quite developed enough to fully understand the instructions, or they took them a little too literally. It can be a little frustrating at times, but sometimes it can also be downright comical.

Here are 22 kids who took things hilariously literally.

1. "I was fixing my computer when my son brought me his Sonic the Hedgehog teddy. When I asked him why he brought it over, he said it was to make my computer go faster."

Awww, that's too cute.

2. When it comes to modern art, I'm an adult who is still capable of making the same mistake this boy did.

"Maybe it represents our neverending thirst to find meaning in this chaotic swirl of emotions we call life..."

3. When "Bring A Fish To School" day doesn't go as planned.

To be fair, nobody told him what kind of fish to bring.

4. This little girl's got the cutest New Year's Toast ever.

Oh. My. Gosh. Just look at that smile!

5. When Mom said to play with the dog, this isn't quite what she imagined.

"Think you can beat this Angry Birds level for me, Spot?"

6. "This isn't what I ordered."

Mental note: cat does NOT like grapefruit.

7. "‘I told my daughter to only eat half the grapes if she wasn’t that hungry."

At least she follows instructions?


8. You can't say he didn't keep an eye on the ball.

It's time to have a talk about "figures of speech."

9. To be fair, Tedison is a GREAT name for a quadrilateral.

I like to imagine Tedison the rectangle as being a classy, older British gentleman with a monocle. How about you?

10. Warren's parents have already spoken to him about average life expectancy.

Keepin' it real!

11. This kid drew literal hands on every clock.

Can you imagine if clocks actually had hands?

12. Technically, it's what they asked for.

That's quite the thought process.

13. I guess that's one way to play outside.

This kid is going places.

14. "I told my son to put a jar of water in the dog’s bowl… This is what happened"

He's a good kid.

15. I mean, he's not wrong...

I wonder how the teacher graded it?


16. He wasn't allowed to "set foot out of the house." I see law school in his future.

45 years later: "Supreme Court Justice Billy Gunderson can trace his interest in interpreting the letter of the law all the way back to his childhood."

17. Chopstick Level: 99

No one like a showoff, Ted.

18. I see what you did there.

Got the points!

19. This first-time deodorant user is making sure she's exactly "15 cm away" before she sprays.

She'll get the hang of it eventually.

20. When your two-year-old takes putting her shoes by the front door a bit too literally.

You can't even be mad.

21. "My dad told my son to get ready for a bedtime story adventure, so he grabbed his warm hat and a flashlight."

If that isn't the cutest thing ever.

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H/T: Aunty Acid

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