21 Photos That Justify Your Trust Issues

Everyone has heard of the saying that starts "fool me once, shame on you..."

Whether it stems from a bad experience with a significant other or some other unfortunate event, we all have trust issues to some extent. Let's face it -- the world doesn't give us many opportunities to become trusting people! 

Even in little everyday moments, our trust is challenged in major (and don't worry, pretty hilarious) ways. These next 15 photos will make you second guess everything you know to be true. If you think it couldn't get any worse, just wait until you see the last entry on the list!

1. Bricks... Maybe?

While we have no experience actually working with bricks, we are pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen. Somehow this seems less than secure.

2. Parenting Done Right

While this child may have lifelong trust issues, at least they come from someone with their best interests in mind. It actually seems like a pretty smart way to avoid a sugar high, if they didn't get caught...

3. Footlong Fiasco

Personally, we have never actually measured our $5 footlong or felt the need to. However, we might just start after seeing this blatant lie. Maybe they offer a discount?

4. Chocolate Chips Or Raisins

There are few things better than chocolate chip cookies, which makes biting into a raisin cookie one of the most disappointing experiences ever. There should maybe be a support group for people who have gone through this type of torture...

5. Fingerprint Resistant

The irony in this picture is almost painful to look at. We're willing to bet this product has some seriously negative reviews out there...

6. Some Amount Of Juice

The good news is, it has some amount of juice. The bad news is, it's not quite enough juice to justify that "100%" claim.


7. GONNA Give You Up...

Even though Rick Astley is famous for his 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up," he changed his mind and "Gave Up On Love" in 1988. We aren't sure what happened, but we're tired of the lies...

8. This Slice Of Pizza

Pizza is easily one of the best things in this world. That makes this teeny, tiny piece in its unnecessarily large box even more disappointing.

9. 20-Piece Chicken Nuggets

We are pretty sure there is a rule against cruel and unusual punishment somewhere... this monstrosity definitely crosses that line. If you don't get what you paid for in the box, what the heck are we doing in this world?

10. "Seedless" Watermelon

Paying extra for a seedless watermelon always seems like a good idea, except we're pretty sure those white, hard pieces still count as seeds...

11. No More Pretzels

Are you sure you're really out of pretzels? Could you check the back (or the case you stuck the sign on)? Somehow these workers don't seem like they are actually "sorry for the inconvenience..."

12. Not Suitable For Climbing

This right here is some serious false advertising. Though this rope LOOKS like it should be used for climbing, that's exactly what you shouldn't use it for...

13. This Box Of Cookies...

Honestly, at this point we just assume this is a box of sewing supplies that someone got a little excited over when they found it at grandma's house.

14. Cherry Or Cinnamon?

Believe it or not, one of these is cherry flavored and the other is cinnamon flavored. We wanted to label them, but we couldn't figure out which was which. Eating these is like its own game of Russian Roulette... 


15. One-A-Day Gummies

Naturally, we would assume a product called "ONE-A-Day" means that you take ONE a day... how hard is it to call them "Two-A-Day" instead?

16. Trashcycling

Way to care for the environment, man.

17. Kraft Mac Opening

Or, you know, I'm just gonna rip open the top of the box!

18. Arizona Iced Tea

I mean, I guess it's still America... North America.

19. Cracker Line

I have literally never once gotten an even split, have you?

20. Easy On The Ketchup

Um... this is a disaster waiting to happen.

21. Ramen

Here I was thinking I'd be having a full cup of noodles, but it was all a lie.

Hopefully, this post didn't damage your trust in the world too much, and you got a few laughs out of it. 

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