21 Tiny Houses That Will Completely Change How You Think About Your Living Space.

The majority of people, especially in North America, might run in the opposite direction of a small home. For those who are used to living in what has become a traditional house, scaling down doesn't seem to be an option. There are, however, a number of benefits to cutting down on living space. Reducing the size of your home can mean lower monthly costs on electricity. It can mean being one step closer to embracing an environmentally friendly way of life. Most importantly, for a typical homeowner, it can mean an affordable and entirely customizable home. 

With these examples, you might find yourself rethinking the way you define a home by its size and beginning to consider a home as being defined by how it was created and what it contains. 

1. Japanese-Style Forest Home. Architect Brian Schulz designed and built this two-story, 14’x16’ forest cabin. 


2. UFOgel. Made of larch wood, this 485-square-foot home is located in Austria.


3. Teahouse Tetsu Treehouse. Architect Terunobu Fujimori created this beautiful, but deceivingly simple, home.

Treehouse Love

4. Woolywagons Train House. Looking for a new, fresh vacation idea? WoolyWagons has got you covered with their amazing rentals. 


5. The Little Great Camp Cabin. Available in New York, the Little Great Camp Cabin is an affordable and environmentally friendly housing option. 


6. Surf Shack. A surfer’s paradise, this 192-square-foot mobile home offers beautiful Pacific views, should you choose to park it on the beach.

Tiny House Swoon


7. ESCAPE Portable Cabin. You can have this modular cabin customized and delivered to your dream location.


8. Tiny Montana Cabin. Jeff Shelden designed this little mountain retreat in Montana. 


9. "Hani’s Man Cave." This Californian "man cave" boasts a sculpted cob interior, with milled lumber and trees composing the rest of the structure.

Boing Boing

10. Vertical Eco Home. For just $15,000, you could build this beautiful and environmentally-friendly Japanese space saver. 


11. Concrete Portable House. Hidden beneath the hard exterior is a warm and cozy prefab home. 


12. Floating House. Dymitr Malcew designed this beauty for a French developer with the concepts of nature and sustainability in mind. 

Dymitr Malcew

13. Hobbit Home. After four months of work and $5,000, this home, inspired by “Lord of the Rings,” is complete. The 645-square-foot home is very environmentally friendly, with a compost toilet, scrap wood floors, and natural spring water.

Dymitr Malcew

14. Dome Home. For only $9,000, you, too, could have this amazing, all-natural home, complete with hammock, lounge area, and pond. 

Steve Areen


15. Casa do Penedo. Built between four massive stones, this Portugal home is hiding a swimming pool.


16. Texas Tiny Home. Breaking stereotypes, this Texas company, Texas Tiny Homes, specializes in small houses. One of their creations, shown below, is 423 square feet and has two stories. 

Tiny House Listings

17. Gardener’s Hut. In Berwickshire, Scotland, this cozy little home is designed to make the most of all seasons, staying warm in the winter and breezy in the summer.

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18. The Bowtop. The Bowtop is a 5’x10’ caravan, built on a trailer, in the Hornby Island area of British Columbia.

Tiny House Swoon

19. Pembrokeshire Log Cabin. Go camping in style at the Pembrokeshire Log Cabin in Wales.

Tiny House Swoon

20. Whimsical Floating Home. This colorful home is only 390 square feet and is located right on the water in Seattle, WA. 

Tiny House Swoon

21. Tiny Home For Four. Would you believe that a family of four lives here? Well, they do, and they live well. This small home has, among other cool features, a “master loft” and a wine barrel bathtub. 

Kim Kasl

Credit: Little Things

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