22 Clever Ways To Hide Ugly Household Items Out Of Sight

Even if you've cleaned and organized your home, you've still got a few eyesores here and there.  Some of them can be taken care of just by taking the plunge and asking yourself, "do I really, really need this?" If the answer is no, then into the Goodwill pile it goes. But what about the stuff that you do need? Here are 22 of the most brilliant ways to cover up your home's ugliest stuff.

1. Keep the dog food and water in a drawer. When you're cleaning up for company (or just your own sit-down dinner), simply close the door and they're out of sight.

2. Hide an unsightly AC unit behind a chalkboard or wall hanging. Just keep it loose enough to let plenty of airflow out.

3. Rather than hope that nobody notices the cords along the wall, bring out a whimsical side with pretty vine clips.


4. Hide the hanging cords from the back of a desk by hanging a desk curtain.

5. This Bob Marley fan found an awesome way to turn loose cords into Bob Marley's hair.


6. Desk drawers aren't just for dog food. Use them for an electronic charging station that keeps your devices safely stored away, especially when you're not home.

7. A little decorative tape can add some life to a boring appliance.

8. Break up a boring kitchen by decorating your fridge with removable wallpaper or contact paper.

9. This absolutely genius staircase steps pull out to reveal hidden drawers.


10. Hide away your router in a pretty box.

11. Hide eyesores, like apartment fuseboxes or defunct switches, behind a painting. A lightweight canvas will still allow you to easily access whatever is behind it if you need to.

12. Dress up your TV when it's not in use by laying a lightweight canvas painting over it.

13. Take your bathroom game to the next level with imitation stone siding.

14. Basically, you can hide anything with a painting. This is great for hiding jewelry and valuables while you are out of the house.

15. Cords trailing along the wall? Keep them contained with an adorable picket fence.

Karl Zahn

16. These electrical towers make for adorable ways to organize stray wires on a desk.

17. Kitty's bathroom isn't a great conversation piece. Hide it in a special cabinet. 


18. These rocks look heavy, but they're super lightweight and hollow. They’re great for hiding pipes in the yard.

19. An old book cover can hide a router or other unappealing computer accessories.

20. The space under the stairs is great for seasonal storage or cleaning products.

Deriba Furniture

21. The invisible shelf lets you stack books without needing a heavy bookshelf.

Miron Lior

22. These cute decals give you and your family a constant reminder about your carbon footprint.


What's the biggest eyesore in your home? Have you had any luck in hiding it? Let us know in the comments.

Credit: Bored Panda

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