22 Everyday Items That Want You To Know Exactly How They Feel

Most of the time, your stuff is just, well, stuff. It just sits there, ready to be used. But do you ever get the sense that your stuff is quietly judging you? These 22 faces might make you think twice.

1. This bag cannot believe what you're going to accessorize it with.

2. The mop knows you didn't scrub out your mop bucket. It knows.

3. But this bolt just loves his job.

4. Your chair is ready to listen to your problems with an air of detached professionalism.

5. This ice is the bat 'berg.

6. More fun than a barrel of flower monkeys.

7. This blender is beaming with accomplishment.


8. This chair is giving you a warning.

9. A few grumpy apples won't spoil the bunch.

10. This parking lot arm loves his job.

11. This lion is really on the fence about a lot.

12. Inside this cricket is a mystery mustachioed man.

13. This chair is self-satisfied about his lot in life.

14. Building or gargoyle?

15. You walk into the classroom and all the chairs are laughing at you.


16. Creeping roof has got to creep.

17. Literally cannot believe himself.

18. This onion has nefarious plans.

19. Why, hello there.

20. A super spooky sheet is taking on a ghost form.

21. This cloud's got a song and a smile for you.

22. Ever get the idea your trash might be trying to make a run for it?

Credit: Viral Nova | Faces in Things

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