23 Clever Travel Tips To Make Your Next Trip A Whole Lot Easier

Even the most dedicated travelers will tell you that the packing/lugging/hauling part of a trip is the worst. Unless you have your own personal butler to caddy your bags, you'll be schlepping them yourself. And if you're packing for little kids? Forget about it. But these 23 travel hacks will help restore your sanity and your wanderlust on your next adventure.

1. Not only does rolling your clothes save space, but it also cuts down on wrinkle lines.


2. Hitting the gym extra hard the day before will help you get moving faster during your trip.


3. Thread necklaces through a straw to keep them from becoming a tangled mess.


4. It's a seat tray clip and a jacket hook.

Mark R

5. Keep your dirty shoes off your clothes by putting them in plastic shower caps. (You can get those free at a lot of hotels.)

Francesco Mugnai

6. A lightweight scarf will keep you warm on a chilly flight without taking up too much room.


7. Line your suitcase with dryer sheets to smell fresh and clean.


8. Contact lens cases are perfect for carrying just a little bit of makeup and skincare products, especially liquids and gels.



9. Get creative with places to store a little emergency money, like in this lip balm.

Shameless Traveler

10. Buttons are a great way to keep earrings together.

The Travel Writer’s Life

11. Take left turns when you're in line for security. Americans tend to turn right when entering a line, so the ones on the left will usually be shorter.


12. Sunglass cases will keep your chargers, cords and earbuds together.

Apartment Therapy​

13. A binder clip will keep your razor blade from going on a shaving spree in your suitcase.

Dinosaurs and Robots

14. It will also keep your earbuds clipped neatly to your backpack.


15. If you'll be on the move a lot in the mornings, wrap hair curlers and straight irons in a pot holder for heat-safe packing.

Dollar Store Crafts


16. Follow this tutorial for an easy soap and washcloth pouch.

WhiMSy love

17. With a little patience, you can save money by refilling a travel size toothpaste tube. 

DIY & Crafts

18. A heat sealer will let you make your own travel size of just about anything.

Mighty Girl

19. An empty and well-washed eyedropper is perfect for toothpaste.

Brian Green

20. Old medicine bottles will keep things like Q-tips and cotton balls hygienic and spill-proof.

Yesterday on Tuesday

21. Reinforce your shampoos and liquid bottles with an extra ring of tape. Better safe than sorry.

Sonia’s Travels

22. The collar of a dress shirt is the perfect size to keep a belt and it will help keep the collar in shape.


23. Want to pack a suitcase like a boss? Here's everything you need to know in one video.

Credit: Diply

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