23 Photos Highlighting The Special Relationship Between Kids And Dogs

Growing up, I'm sad to say I never got to have a cat or dog. When I was really young we adopted a stray cat for a bit ... until I found out I'm allergic to them! My father's work also required us to move countries on a pretty regular basis, so having a steady pet would have meant all kinds of hassle with customs, a revolving door of immunization laws, kennel stays for months while everything clears, etc. Simply put, my parents had to gently explain why having any pet that was more involved than a goldfish just wasn't really practical for us. 

Thankfully, now that I'm an adult, having a pet is something I can actually think about. Even though I had a cat as a kid, I've always been more of a dog person. Cats tend to be pretty aloof, usually preferring to do their own thing, but dogs? Dogs are incredibly sociable and intuitive, ready to play pretty much anytime. They also have a knack for knowing when you need them most - I've had so many dogs snuggle up to me right when I'm not feeling so good, it's uncanny. 

Because of their playfulness, patience, and sociability, dogs are a naturally great companions for kids. Cats often tend to run away if lavished with too much attention, or even lash out sometimes, but dogs and kids are generally on the same page when it comes to having fun. Beyond that, kids can also learn a lot of valuable things from their faithful Fido. Below are some of the lessons that kids with dogs know all about.

1. Kids who grow up with a dog learn certain things other kids don't.

2. For instance, there's no need to be scared of the dark ...

3. ... as long as you've got someone to cuddle.

4. Unconditional love exists.

5. It's ok to be vulnerable.

6. Sometimes you fall down ...


7. ... but someone will pick you up again.

8. Lean on your friends if you need to.

9. Let others take care of you.

10. A hug is a beautiful thing.

11. You can have lots of friends ...

12. ... while still cherishing the ones that are closest to you!

13. Enjoy life's happy moments ...

14. ... no matter how big ...

15. ... or how small.


16. Always be learning.

17. Be creative.

18. Be unafraid to stand on the shoulders of giants.

19. Big opportunities can come in small packages.

20. There's always time for fun.

21. Sharing really is caring.

22. Help each other out whenever you can.

23. Finally, remember that you're never on your own.

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