24 Beauty Hacks That You May Not Have Known About

Beauty tips are a dime a dozen, so it can definitely be a bit daunting trying to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine what really works. When a good one comes along, it's worth sharing, so here are some of the better beauty tips we've come across (not that you need it, you hottie).

1. An eyebrow brush can double as a lint remover in a pinch if you can't find the roller.


2. Do your nails look yellowish after you remove the polish? Whiten them up with some whitening toothpaste.

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3. Honey is one of the greatest things ever and makes an awesome face mask. Apply a tablespoon of raw honey to your face, then rinse with warm water after letting sit for 10 minutes.

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4. Paint clear nail polish on the threads in your buttons to keep them more secure.

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5. Too many buttons? Keep your earrings paired up by pinning them to a button.


6. Need a touch up to your roots but don't have the time? Spray them with hairspray and then swipe some shimmering brown or gold eye shadow (try to match your hair color as close as you can) over your roots.

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7. Toilet paper works just as well as expensive oil-blotting sheets. Keep your face clean and your wallet happy.


8. Clear nail polish can also be brushed around the bottom of your shaving cream can to prevent rust stains on your tub/sink.

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9. Dryer sheets aren't just for clothes. They'll also eliminate static frizz from your hair.

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10. Had an accident with self-tanning? Use a little toner to fix the streaky spots.


11. Spray PAM on your nails to get them to dry faster. Wash the oil off a few minutes after applying.

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12. Ironing between buttons on a shirt is a lot easier if you use a hair straightener.


13. A gentle application of lotion can help tame frizzy flyaways in your hair.

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14. Want to try some nail polish without the commitment? Put clear tape on your nail, then apply the polish to get a sneak preview of how it'd look on you.

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15. If you've accidentally popped a blister, a few drops of Listerine will disinfect it.


16. Put a generous layer of moisturizer on your heels before bedtime and cover with a sock. Do it daily and you'll have softer heels in no time.

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17. If you're out of toilet bowl cleaner, two antacid tablets can help remove the stains. Just drop 'em in and let sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing.



18. If you get blisters from wearing heels, rub Vaseline/petroleum jelly on the area.


19. Massaging the scalp with butter a few times a week can help get rid of white hairs.

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20. Out of shaving cream? Use hair conditioner instead.

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21. Get rid of chin blackheads by making a mask of 2 tablespoons corn flour and 2 teaspoons vinegar. Rub on the area for 10 seconds then rinse.

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22. Oatmeal baths work wonders to soothe sunburn, rash, or otherwise irritated skin.


23. Shoelaces or necklaces in a stubborn knot. Rub 'em with cornstarch to loosen things up for easier detangling.

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24. Puffy eyes? Steep two tea bags in warm water. Once they are warm (but not hot), place over your eyes to reduce puffiness.

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