24 Genius Ways To Use Command Hooks Around The House

The command hook is a simple, inexpensive little thing, but don't be fooled - there's gold in them there hooks! I first became acquainted with the command hook (and its cousin, the command strip, used for hanging posters) back in college. Our dorms were built several hundred years ago and the school was pretty finicky about using nails and such, so command hooks and strips were pretty much the only approved option for being able to hang anything on your walls - at least without losing your security deposit. 

Fast forward to adult life and I'm living in a rented apartment where I once again can't use nails to put up anything. Once again, I find myself turning to my old friend the command hook. Most people generally don't go too much further than using them to hang up a framed picture or something else fairly obvious, but it turns out that with a little creative thinking, you can use them all over the house!

1. Use command hooks to keep a scoop handy with your dry goods.

a thousand words

2. Use command hooks to hang pots and pans.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

3. Hang a wire rack on the inside of a door.

Hi Sugarplum!

4. You can also do this outside your cabinets.

Dream Green DIY

5. Command hooks are great for hanging festive banners.


6. Hide your cords and wires with strategically placed command hooks.

Hi Sugarplum!

7. Turn command hooks on to their sides to create a toothbrush hanging station.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

8. Use heavy-duty hooks to hang curtains.

The Happier Homemaker


9. Keep your trash bags from falling to the bottom of the bin.

Tina Prater

10. Command hooks are a great way to store belts...


11. ... And sunglasses!

Graceful Order

12. Here's a brilliant way to store foil and plastic wrap.

Ask Anna

13. Here's a great way to make a coffee station using command hooks.

Hi Sugarplum!

14. This is a brilliant idea for storing wires neatly out of the way.


15. Store your pot and pan lids neatly and efficiently with command hooks.


16. Hang wreaths on your door - but don't stick the hooks to the front. Instead, use an upside down hook to create an anchor point for a ribbon tied to your wreath.

Pretty Dubs

17. Mount your router to the wall.



18. Create a headphone station.

19. Make tablet wall mounts...


20. ... Or phone charging stations.

Bob Vila

21. Hang your keys on them.


22. Use a binder clip and a command hook to hang more unconventional items.

The Borrowed Abode

23. Free up space by creating a shoe rack.

Smart Ideas

24. Make a home art gallery for your childrens' masterpieces.

Be A Fun Mum

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