24 Photos That'll Make You Do A Double Take

The world is full of crazy coincidences. We've all experienced one moment that was so uncanny all we could do was stand there in awe. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy for us to see these strange things all in one place. These 24 unbelievable pictures are guaranteed to make you do a double-take, and by the time you've seen them all, you won't be sure if they were a coincidence or something more ...

1. Michael Jackson's long lost Egyptian twin.

2. These are what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear on casual Friday.


3. This duck's bill looks just like a wolf.

4. This potato wants to cuddle.

The Telegraph

5. "Whooo" else thinks these dog noses look like owls?


6. This is the first carrot astronaut to set foot on the Moon. 

7. What an encouraging eggplant.

8. A little man is perched on top of this dandelion.


9. I think this is a sign you're supposed to travel to Dubai.

10. You'll never look at paws the same way again.


11. This Nutella on a stick could be the fifth Beatle.


12. The Sorting Chair is The Sorting Hat's grumpier cousin.


13. It looks like it always has another horse running beside it.


14. This stick is having a great day.

15. This bird's calling card is too perfect.

16. Duck fry.

17. This library looks more like a supervillain's evil fortress.



18. Strawberry hen.

19. When a hamster eats too many muffins.

20. Dogs do love fire hydrants.

21. Can you spot the real one?


22. What Sir Richard Branson would look like if someone turned him into a dog.


23. This potato is too adorable to eat.

24. A squash that looks like a duck or a duck that looks like a squash?

Via: Life Buzz

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