25 DIY Mother's Day Presents Nicer Than Anything From The Store

Mother's Day is only a few days away, but that doesn't mean it's too late to do something nice for the woman who raised you. Instead of buying something from the store this year, why not make one of these 25 DIY gifts that are sure to please?

From gardening gear and flower chandeliers to comfy slippers and secret candy, there's something on this list for every type of mom. Besides, the fact that you took the time to make something yourself is the greatest gift of all.

Our mothers put so much love and care into raising us, so putting that same love and care into a heartfelt gift is the least we can do. Check out the list below for our 25 favorite DIY Mother's Day gifts.

1. Floral Bike Basket

Lovely Indeed

Does your mom enjoy biking? If so, spruce up her ride with a bike basket covered in fresh flowers.

2. Botanical Coasters

The Lovely Drawer

These coasters are made out of clay and pressed leaves, ensuring that no two are ever the same. They're perfect for any mom looking to add a little natural decor to her home. Click here to learn how to make them. 

3. DIY Couch Cup Holder

A Beautiful Mess

Did your mom ever get mad at you for putting drinks on the coffee table without a coaster? Relieve her stress with this cup holder that fits over the arm of the couch. Click here to learn how to make it.

4. Pressed Flower Bookmark

Spalvotas Dryzuotas

For the bookworm mothers out there, this pressed flower bookmark will make them look forward to cracking the pages of their latest read. Click here for more info.

5. DIY Lipstick Organizer

The Merry Thought

My mom loves receiving gifts that she knows she'll actually use, and what could be more useful than a lipstick organizer? If makeup isn't her thing, this could also be used to hold hot dogs or popsicles. Click here for instructions.

6. Floral Sign


Store-bought banners are an easy way to impress, but where's the heart in that? It might take a little effort, but the look on her face will definitely be worth it. Simply take a lattice fence, paint it white, and spell out "Mom" using her favorite flowers.

7. Green Thumb Starter Kit

The Merry Thought

Most of us wish we were gardeners, but actually getting out in the garden can be tough. This kit will give your mom everything she needs to develop her green thumb in no time! For a full list of what to include, click here.

8. A Cozy Night In

Pretty Providence

Sometimes moms just want to relax. Buy her a pair of fuzzy slippers, fill them with all of her favorite goodies, and give her a night to herself. Click here for some ideas of things to include.


9. Homemade Vases

Homey Oh My!

Flowers and candles - these two items are always sure things on Mother's Day. Why not take your presentation to the next level with these DIY vases? Click here to learn how easy they are to make.

10. DIY Rosewater

Swooned Magazine

Not sure what to do with the rose petals from that bouquet? Turn them into rosewater! Simply boil the petals, strain the water, and put it into a small dropper. Then, your mom can carry the smell of roses with her wherever she goes.

11. Paper Flower Bouquet

We Love Handmade

Or, if you want something even more permanent, craft your mom a bouquet of paper flowers in the shape of a heart. Just like your love for her, these flowers will never die. Click here to learn how to make one.

12. Homemade Grapefruit Rosemary Bath Salts

Homey Oh My!

You can't deny the power of a good bath. Add in these homemade grapefruit rosemary bath salts and we might never get out of the tub. Click here to learn how to make them.

13. "Reasons Why I Love You" Flip Book

The Creative Place

Sometimes all our mom's need is a simple reminder of how much we love them. Write a different message on a variety of paper and bind them with a single ring. This person got extra creative by using old music sheets and post cards to make theirs.

14. Pine Board Ring Organizer

The Merry Thought

There's nothing worse than trying to find a ring in a cluttered jewelry box. Help your mom stay organized with these pine board organizers. Click here to find out how you can make them.

15. Marble Jewelry Holders

A Beautiful Mess

Step outside the jewelry box and make your mom these marbled jewelry holders. Even though they look fancy, they're pretty easy to make by combining different colors of clay. Click here to learn how.

16. Unique Flower Chandelier


Regular chandeliers cost a fortune, but this one made out of flowers hardly costs a thing! Granted, it won't last near as long ... Click here to learn how you can make one yourself.

17. Photo Pots


Picture frames are so last year. Impress your mom with these photo flower pots that she'll look forward to revisiting every spring. Click here for full instructions.


18. Monogrammed Floral Wreath

A Kailo Chic Life

Did making a full floral sign seem a little too intimidating? This wreath doesn't require as much effort and is sure to leave your mom just as impressed. Click here to learn how.

19. Trendy Half-Apron

Boxwood Avenue

If your mom enjoys cooking, there's no doubt she'll love this trendy half-apron. You can even fill it with new mixing spoons or a paring knife for an added surprise.

20. DIY Flower Terrarium

Shrimp Salad Circus

Does your mom notice the beauty in the tiniest parts of nature? If so, you can't go wrong with this DIY flower terrarium. Plants, stones, and even small bugs will feel at home in this tiny piece of the outdoors. Click here to learn how to make it.

21. Marble Cutting Board

The Merry Thought

Cutting boards are a staple in every good kitchen. This one combines the beauty of marble with the utility of a cutting board. Click here to learn how to make one.

22. Recipe Holder

Lil' Luna

For the mom who loves to cook while multitasking, this recipe card holder will help make her hands a little freer. Click here for some ideas to help get you started.

23. Photo Collage

Shanty 2 Chic

Photo collages are a great way to make your photos more personal. You can even dress them up with a heartfelt, handwritten message like this one. 

24. Crocheted Hammock


If you know how to crochet, you'll be pleased to learn how simple it is to make a hammock. This one is small enough to fit just about anywhere, but cozy enough that she won't want to get up. Click here for full instructions.

25. Emergency Candy Stash


Perhaps the most important gift on this list, an emergency candy stash can get mothers through the toughest of days. A small container with multiple compartments should provide enough room for all of her favorite treats.

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