25 Memorable Business Cards That Are Just Too Clever To Throw Away

Business cards are a fine way to make sure the new person you've just met can get a hold of you later, but let's admit it: they're usually such a snooze. And even after you overpay for nice card stock and printing, most of them just go straight into the wastebasket or to the bottom of a purse where they're lacquered with gum wrappers and grime. But not these. Here are business cards that are so creative and clever, it's hard to imagine anyone throwing them away.

This cheese grater business card.

This mini-plunger plumber's card.

Little LEGO agents.

A mini yoga mat.

Seed packets from a landscaping company.

A picture frame for a framing company.

A neat finger stretch from a yoga company.

This sprout-able business card.

Cool see-through cards.


A lipstick print for a makeup artist.

This dentist's card that somehow manages to make a cavity cute.

A DIY toy chair card.

A grillable business card.

A super useful bike shop card.

A hairstylist's card that lets your creativity loose.

A tiny musical box.


A cargo box for mini-shipments.

A tennis table card.

An event photographer's card lets you see the whole picture.

Restaurant SALT's business card practically chose itself.

This personal trainer's business card lets you visualize results.

While this trainer's stretches like resistance band training.

This yoga studio reminds you to stay flexible and hydrated.

This finance firm's trending numbers card.

A divorce lawyer's tearable card.

Credit: Bored Panda 

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