25 Pictures Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Melt Your Heart

If you're a proud parent, you know that Mother's Day and Father's Day come just once a year, but your job as a parent is every single day, with no weekends, holidays or vacations off from constantly thinking about the well-being of your little ones – no matter what they are. These incredible photos show the power of parenting, not just in humans but in other species of the animal kingdom as well.

1. This baby elephant holds Mom's trunk as they cross.

Laurie Rubin Via 500px

2. A polar bear mama cleans her cub before he leaves the house.

Anton Belovodchenko Via 500px 

3. A beary cute game of peek-a-boo.

Tin Man Via 500px

4. This swan mama ferries her babies under her wing.


5. These prairie dog parents share a cute kiss.

Wolfgang von Vietinghoff Via 500px 

6. Who knew these crocodile babies could be so cute?

Udayan Rao Pawar

7. These big cats take a minute for some tickles.

Daniel Munger Via 500px

8. This hippo mommy and her baby take a bouncing stroll underwater.



9.This striped mouse has a little flower for his mom.

Andre Pretorius Via 500px

10. Cold is no match for this polar bear parent's love.

Anton Belovodchenko Via 500px 

11. These colorful birds wear matching colors.

Jim Ridley Via 500px 

12. A tiger cub gets big cat kisses.

Michael Nichols

13. A bear and his cub share wise words on a walk.

Edwin Kats Via 500px

14. This awesome possum mom is a living minivan.

Jeanette DiAnda Via 500px

15. This little fox holds his mom's tail as they walk.

Igor Shpilenok Via 500px

16. This rainbow bird lets her young 'uns nap.

Ric Seet Via 500px

17. This adorable squirrel mom puts her newborn baby to bed.



18. Grizzly swimming lessons.

Marco Mattiussi Via 500px â€‹

19. Giraffes share a touching moment.

Jan Pelcman Via 500px

20. She's hiding her shy babies.

Michael Milicia

21. Otter mama and baby take a dip.

Chuck Babbitt Via 500px

22. It's hard not to drift off when you're this relaxed.


23. It takes a village to raise these penguin chicks.

Frederique Olivier/John Downer Productions

24. These adorable pangolins grab food for the night.

The Snapper

Credit: Bored Panda

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