25 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy When They're Bored

Being a parent means having to always be prepared to keep your kids entertained. Kids get bored at the drop of a hat, and while I personally believe that a little boredom now and then is good for kids, it's also important to keep them busy so they stay out of trouble!

Still, every parent could use some inspiration now and then, so here are 25 great ideas to keep your kids busy.

1. Make toy car tracks with colored tape.

2. You can also use colored tape to make a game of hopscotch indoors. Hours of fun!

3. Use chalk and some sponges to create an outdoor game of "Bull's Eye" or darts.

4. Put a new spin on dress-up dolls using a box of chalk and some old clothes.

5. Make exploding paint bags to fill your sidewalks with bursts of color.

To make these "color bombs," you'll need:

  • Plastic sandwich bags
  • Cornstarch
  • Food coloring (or liquid water colors)
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Paper towels/napkins

Mix the cornstarch with vinegar and food coloring, then fill the bags about 1/3rd of the way with this mixture. Next, place some baking soda in the middle of a paper towel or napkin and close it up to create the "bomb." Place the bomb in the bag and seal the bag tight. Shake the bag up and then set it down. In a few minutes, the pressure from the vinegar mixing with the baking soda will make the bag explode with color all over your sidewalk! 

6. Paint on wet glue with food coloring. The results are surprising.

Use plastic lids from takeout and cream cheese boxes as your "canvas."

7. Leftover bubble wrap, a large piece of paper, and some washable paint make for hours of fun.

8. Make a throwing tarp. All it takes is tarp, a marker, some scissors, and some duct tape to seal the edges of the holes.


9. Cut sponges to make little building blocks for your kids to stack into towers.

10. Make a tin foil river.

11. A paper towel roll taped to the wall becomes a fun "tunnel" for toddlers.

12. Got some spare burlap? Create a sewing station - kids stay busy and learn a useful life skill.

13. How about an indoor camp out, complete with indoor "fire."

14. Kids will draw shapes in sand for hours. An old box and some sugar (or salt) have a similar effect.

15. Make balloon rockets.

You'll need:

  • Approximately six feet of yarn or fishing line
  • Balloon
  • Two chairs
  • Drinking straw
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Tie the string/line to the back of a chair, then thread a straw through the other end before tying that off to the second chair. Blow up a balloon, and pinch the end closed but don't tie it. Attach the balloon to the straw with tape, then release the end of the balloon (letting all the air out) and watch your rocket fly.

16. Make a miniature bowling game with pencil erasers and a marble.

17. Set up some lines of yarn along a hallway, then have your kids pretend they're spies on a secret mission!


18. When all else fails, microwave soap.

20. Make spider webs with painters tape.

20. Play indoor tennis using paper plates, Popsicle sticks, and balloons.

21. Turn your stairs into an indoor slide with a few large sheets of cardboard.

22. Blow giant bubbles using a hula hoop or two sticks with a rope (seen below).

23. Make a rainbow bubble snake.

Here's what you need: 

  • Plastic bottle
  • Sock
  • Tape
  • Food coloring
  • Dishwashing liquid

Cut the bottom off the bottle and slide a sock over it. Saturate the sock with some food coloring. Next, make some bubble solution by mixing the dishwashing liquid with some water. Dip the sock in the soap solution and you're ready to blow bubbles.

24. Children's Play-Doh stuffed in a balloon makes a fun tactile toy.

25. Let your kids create their own fashion with some cheap white tees and crayons.

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H/T: Bright Side

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