25 Unique Ways To Trim Your Christmas Tree

What’s your favorite type of Christmas tree? Is it a classic spruce covered in sparkly lights and balls, or something a bit funkier? While tinsel is out of vogue (forever, we hope!), there’s no shortage of tree decorating ideas in 2015. Even big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart have a huge variety of ornaments for sale. With everything from soft white doves to Marvel superheroes at your fingertips, choosing your tree trimmings can be quite a challenge.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these 25 unique trees are some of our favorites. There’s something here for everyone, but I’ll warn you – choosing just one is going to be tough!

1. Turn your village collectibles into a tree.

Donnie Roberts

2. Or, recycle your favorite soda cans. That’s a lot of Mountain Dew! 

Mountain Dew Tree

3. Glass ornaments never go out of style. 

Laura Bielecki

4. I’m going to need some alone time with this sushi tree. Pass the wasabi, please! 


5. Hanging your tree upside down saves a ton of floor space … and keeps precious ornaments away from babies and pets. 

Happy Loves Rosie

6. Old cassettes and CDs create a fun, retro look. 

Gadget Review

7. This bicycle tree was made by some very skilled welders. 

The Rocks

8. Nothing says modern like ombre. 

Little Inspiration


9. Bears, bears and more bears. I’ve never wanted to hug a Christmas tree until now. 


10. Lots of people have a toy train station under their tree … why not spice things up by putting it on the tree?

Gadget Review

11. A tree made of sweets! Good luck keeping the kiddos away from this one. 

The Olde Barn

12. Baby’s first Christmas? Decorate with their outgrown toys and clothes to relive memories from that special first year. 


13. Fans add an unexpected, cultured look. 

Holiday with Matthew Mead

14. You can’t go wrong with black and white … but it never hurts to add a pinch of gold. 

Kara Allen

15. Family members near and far come together beautifully on this tree. 

dear lillie blog

16. Turn your tree into a snowman – double points for adding a corncob pipe and a button nose. 


17. Lovers of children’s books won’t be able to get enough of this Dr. Suess themed tree. 

A Pop of Pretty

18. No green or red in sight, but it still looks fabulous and festive. 

Kara Rosenlund


19.  A tree in a bucket creates a rustic look that’s perfect for minimalists. 

Dreamy Whites

20. This one’s perfect for the fashionistas out there! 


21. Handcraft some origami in your favorite colors. 

Apartment Therapy

22. Or, hang ornaments from the ceiling to create a “floating” tree. 

Tricia Bracken

23. Bookworms will love showing off their collection with this tree. 


24. If you live by the beach (or wish you did!) add some sailboats. 

Wiggly William

25. Ok, you probably won’t recreate this in your home, but this Pac-Man tree was too awesome to leave out. 


Happy decorating! 

Via: Lifebuzz

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