25 Useful Dollar Store Finds You Should Know About If You Have A Child

Parenting is notoriously expensive. The doctors, the schools, the clothes, the toys... you've got to pinch your pennies wherever you can. There are 26 handy parenting tools straight from the dollar store.

1. Soap holders are great for keeping kid's card decks off the floor.

Shady Tree Diary

2. Trim the bottom of tube socks for baby leg warmers.

Your Baby Days

3. A muffin tin makes a great cup holder for holding art supplies.


4. Hanging mini buckets are the perfect size for arts and craft supplies and they're so easy to clean.

There Was a Crooked House

5. A mesh laundry bag sends toys to the beach but doesn't let mounds of sand come back with you.

The Idea Room

6. Double up a cereal container with a trash bag for a car trashcan that can take sharp turns and tumbles.

Skilled With Kids

7. A hanging shoe organizer on the back of the front seat keeps your car's backseat kid-prepared and clean.

Decor-ganize Crafts

9. Barrettes and hair ties tend to wander through the house. Keep them in their place with craft boxes.

The Idea Room

10. Magnet toys have a home on the wall with upside down pizza tins.

Dollar Store Crafts


11. Dollar store plastic mesh containers also keep sippy cups and baby food jars from running amuck in a kitchen drawer.

Delightful Order

12. Not to mention keeping outdoor art supplies from taking over the yard.

Momnivore’s Dilemma

13. Dish racks pull double duty as homework organizers.

Day by Day Discoveries

14. Pool noodles are perfect for doing a DIY crib rail cover. 


15. Ice pop trays keep crayons organized and within easy reach.

Teach Junkie

(Instructions here.)

16. Tupperware kids' art supplies to prevent leaks and spills when you're on the go. 

No Time for Flash Cards

17. Glue and food coloring make excellent stained glass windows using dollar store frames.

Still Parenting

18. The frames also keep a "family command center" nice and tidy on the wall.

Girl Loves Glam

19. Throwing on a plastic tablecloth before craft time only takes a second, but it saves hours on cleanup.

Meaningful Mama


20. A silverware utensil tray keeps the family's toothbrushes from mixing germs in a drawer. 

Families that Stick

21. Keep a soaked sponge in a baggie in the freezer for a brown-bag lunch ice pack.

The Kitchn

22. A toothbrush container is the perfect size for storing straws.

Whatever Happens

23. Baskets on the stairs keep tidying the house a breeze. Everyone is responsible for what's in their basket.

A Mama with Ideas

24. Glow sticks turn tub time into a disco.

Rachel Domesticated

25. Dollar store trinkets and toys are great for rewards for good behavior.

A Grande Life

26. Dolls are so expensive but, thankfully, doll accessories are easy to find at the dollar store.

Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

Credit: Buzzfeed

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