26 Brilliant Ideas To Use Everyday Items In A Completely Different Way

You may have noticed that, here at Wimp, we really love finding new uses for old things. For instance, using toothpaste to put a shine on your car's headlights, or cleaning just about everything under the sun with some combination of white vinegar and baking soda. That's why we figured we'd show you a few more great ways to use everyday items for alternative purposes.

1. Store and transport shoes in a shower cap.


This idea is brilliant. I can't tell you how many times I've been packing a suitcase or overnight bag and been unable to figure out how I should pack my shoes.

2. Keep small metallic items in one place with an inexpensive magnetic strip.


These little items are often found swimming around in the bottoms of cosmetic bags or the backs of drawers. Add that to the fact that getting poked by one of these while fishing around for them with your bare hands can hurt... this hack is genius.

3. Use a spoon to open a tight jar lid.


I've seen other ways to get stuck jars open, but most of them involve banging on the jar or lid which always feels one step away from disaster. I'm trying this one next time.

4. If you have to travel with stale clothes in your bag, a bar of soap helps keep things from smelling too funky.


I've actually had this problem with dirty clothes while traveling, and this is a brilliant solution. Those little bars of hotel soap would work perfectly for something like this and prevent waste as well.

5. Never lose the ends of your tape again by using paper clips.


Where has this been all my life?!? While finding the end of a roll of tape is a skill I'm proud to have honed throughout my life, it's one that I wouldn't be sad if I never had to practice again.

6. Egg cartons are a great, inexpensive storage solution for smaller Christmas ornaments.


Christmas ornaments, while beautiful, are usually fragile. And keeping the boxes they come in just doesn't happen. Egg cartons are a perfect way to re-use items and protect the memories. My mom's going to love this one.

7. Use a rubber band to make French manicuring much easier.


Who would have thought? This is one of those tricks that makes total sense after you see it. Rubber bands are flexible and have a nice straight line that will keep your nails looking professionally done.

8. A file holder can be used to store cans and save space.

Tracey MacKenzie

I'm doing this A.S.A.P. These tricks are absolutely amazing. What's usually a normal office supply has the ability to save so much shelf space in pantries and cabinets.

9. Sharpen your scissors by cutting a few strips of tin foil.


Coming in at a close third to having no scissors or broken scissors is dull scissors. Cutting foil can help keep them sharp. Bonus: it's oddly satisfying.


10. You can use toothpaste to clean and restore your headlights.


Driving with restored headlights is one of those things you didn't realize you missed. Since it happens over time, we kinda get used to it. Being able to do it with simply ingredients we all have at home is a bonus.

11. Strategically-placed adhesive towel hooks can allow you to keep binging Netflix even while you're washing dishes or in the bathroom.


Nowadays, there are way too many great TV shows and movies to watch. The only way to stay up to speed is to multitask and this trick with towel hooks is a genius one. Never miss House of Cards again!

12. Cut the tops of frozen vegetable packages in a single strip, then use them to tie up the bag.


I've just been tying the loose end into an awkward knot or folding the top over until now. I can't believe how the answer to this problem was right there the whole time and in most cases the solution ended up in the trash...

13. A cheese grater works wonderfully as a jewelry holder.

Irit Cohen

This is the perfect addition to a shabby-chic bedroom. The different sized holes can be used for a variety of jerwelry. Use some hooks to give it some feet, then add some spray paint in your favorite color to give it some pop (and make sure it's a dull grater).

14. Use a nail file to remove minor stains from suede shoes.

Kathleen Kamphausen

Suede is one of those materials that I'd love to wear more, but I never want to beacuase of the chance of stains and scuffs. I had no idea you could use a nail file to remove these things. It has to be done gently, but taking the extra care is worth it.

15. Tin foil can be used to cover something up while painting, and also works wonders at cleaning glassware.


Tape can be a sticky pain to deal with while painting. Using foil gives the perfect shaping to the item you're trying to protect (like a doorknob) and full coverage to make sure those inevitable drips and dribbles don't do any harm.

16. Use a pencil as a stylus

Bright Side

Pencil "lead" is actually made of graphite, which conducts the minor electrical currents in your hands well enough to activate the capacitive sensors on a touch screen. Cut a small groove into the side of a pencil (enough to expose the graphite). Now, you can place your finger in the groove and conduct your body's electric current through the pencil tip to use it as a stylus.

17. Use rubber bands to keep a door open.


If you've got to go in and out, and you've got your hands full, try looping a single rubber band around the inside and outsdie doorknobs, making sure to create that "X" on the latch by twisting the band. Hang the band on the inside doorknob once you're done using it.

18. Keep flowers fresh with a penny.


Drop a penny into a vase full of flowers to keep them fresh for longer. Who says pennies aren't good for anything anymore?


19. Remove pilling on a sweater with a sponge.


That's right, the old dishwasher's favorite scrubby sponge can also work wonders at gently removing pills from your sweaters.

20. Use pillow cases as garment bags.

bumblebee linens

Store your coats and special-occasion clothing safely by covering them up with an old pillowcase. It won't hold moisture and mildew like palstic might. Learn more here.

21. Unstick a stuck zipper with soap.


If you've got a stuck zipper, hold the fabric as taut as possible and rub soap along the front and back of the teeth. Now, gently pull the zipper and it should glide smoothly. You could also use a wax candle for the same effect.

22. Prevent tangled necklaces with drinking straws.


This is a brilliant way to prevent tangled-up necklaces. Just thread the chain through a straw, then clasp it up. This is also a great way to take your necklaces with you when you travel.

23. Charge smart with binder clips.

it's overflowing

There are few things more annoying than having a much-needed USB/HDMI/charger cable slip behind your desk and hae to root around for it. Thead them through a binder clip, and then attach the clip to the desk, and you'll never have that issue again.

24. Tighten stripped screws with rubber bands.

Today I Found Out

If you've got a stripped screw that won't hold onto a screwdriver head, use a rubber band to give the screwdriver a better grip.

25. Use mayo to get rid of water rings.


This sounds a little weird, but don't knock it until you try it. Just dry the area and put regular, full-fat mayonnaise to cover the spot and let sit for several hours/overnight, then wipe clean.

26. Hang jewelry on pants hangers.


Pants hangers with multiple rungs do double-duty as great, low-cost jewelry organizers. Hang bracelets up top, and necklaces at the bottom. Feel free to experiment with whatever makes the most sense to you.

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